Two victims’ bodies have been discovered from the Baltimore bridge collapse

Maryland state police reported on Thursday that the bodies of two Key Bridge collapse victims were found from a truck in the wreckage.

According to ANI, investigators retrieved the corpses of two persons Wednesday from a red pickup submerged in the Patapsco River, a day after a huge cargo ship collided with and destroyed Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Officials changed the mission from recovery to salvage on Wednesday because they believe vehicles are imprisoned in bridge debris and divers can no longer operate around it.

The Navy said it is deploying barges equipped with heavy lift cranes to help clear the passage of debris. Three cranes with varied lift capacities, as well as support vessels, are expected to remove submerged segments of the bridge, but their arrival time is unknown.

Baltimore bridge collapse
Source: Sky News

Four people remain missing and believed dead

Two people were rescued from the sea soon after Tuesday’s fall. One of the rescued workers was unharmed, while the other was treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center and discharged.

Gilreath stated that all eight workers were part of a construction crew that was fixing potholes on the bridge at the time.

Officials stated that they were from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Jennifer Homendy, chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that the workers were employed by a local company, Brawner Builders.

So far, three missing workers have been identified:

  • Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandoval, 35, is originally from Honduras and has been living in the United States for 20 years.
  • Miguel Luna, is originally from El Salvador.
  • Dorlian Castillo Cabrera, 26, is originally from Guatemala.
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