How To Apply For U-Belong Leadership 2024/2025

U-Belong Student Program 2024-2025. Submit your application for the U-Belong Learning Program 2024-2025 and start your new journey of change, full of opportunities provided by the powerful forces of T3 Telecoms SA. T3 Telecoms SA, a dynamic distribution and technology company based in South Africa, is a revolutionary provider of a wide range of formal and informal telecommunications products and services.

Engage yourself in T3 Telecoms SA’s U-Belong Leadership and Teaching program, which offers learning and development opportunities. Leaders who are determined and committed to change aim to fill the digital gap that exists in South Africa.

In addition to technological support, the program is also essential for the development of the economy in society, the creation of employment, and improvement in the field of education.

The U-Belong project has served over 3000 young folks in South Africa since its launch in August 2021! The main aim of the U-Belong program is to improve the sales and sales performance of these folks and to ensure that all the previously unemployed people can also get and manage their monthly income and thus integrate them into the community at a large scale.

Here’s How To Apply To Study At U Belong

  • At
  • Click Apply Now – Select
  • Then follow the instructions. to complete the online Application.

Make a difference as the U-Belong program spreads its wings and plans to expand and develop in all provinces across South Africa over the next 24 months. Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the Western Cape were the early pioneers to spearhead the expansion project.

This program ensures and empowers the people with the monthly income and also upskill the individual.