Thabo Mapetla Ntirang Death: Who was Thabo Mapetla Ntirang?

Botswana mourns the loss of Thabo “Mapetla” Ntirang, a beloved Kwaito star who passed away in a car accident on Monday, 4 Mar 2024.

How did Thabo Mapetla Ntirang dies? 

On Sunday, March 3rd, in the evening, Thabo Ntirang Mapetla lost his life in a horrific vehicle accident close to Gaborone. The Kwaito musician passed away from his injuries sustained in the tragic car accident, shocking both fans and coworkers. Fans and other musicians are in shock by the unexpected death of such a gifted person, which has had a significant influence on the local music industry.

The music scene in Botswana has lost a cherished figure in Thabo “Mapetla” Ntirang, and the country is in mourning. As the community considers the influence he had as a Kwaito performer, they are uniting to celebrate his life and legacy. 

Who was Thabo Mapetla Ntirang?

Botswana-born Thabo “Mapetla” Ntirang was a well-known Kwaito artist. In the music industry, he was referred to as Mapetla Skhokho, and he was well-known for his vibrant demeanor and significant contributions to the regional music landscape.

Hailing from Thabo Ntirang, he excelled in a variety of entertainment-related fields as an actor, songwriter, businessman, record producer, and TV host in addition to being a successful musician.

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