Tim Wakefield’s Widow Stacy Dies 5 Months After Major League Baseball player, Tim Wakefield

The Boston Red Sox have confirmed that Stacey Wakefield, the widow of the late MLB player Tim Wakefield, has died. His death came five months after the shooter’s death in October 2023.

The team announced Stacey’s death in a press release on behalf of the Wakefield family on Wednesday. “This is a huge blow to our mother, daughter, sister, niece, and aunt Stacey, who died today at her home in Massachusetts,” Wakefield’s family said in the statement. We are so sorry.” Friends. , their wonderful caregivers, and nurses. This loss is unexpected, especially after losing Tim less than five months ago. Come along. We are heartbroken.“

The family added: “Stacey, We will remember him as a strong, loving, thoughtful, kind person who came down to earth. We are so lucky to have her in our lives and happy that she will be back with the love of her life, Tim. –

Stacey and Tim- His famous “knuckle ball” made him one of the most important MLB pitchers of the early 2000s, according to MLB (MLB pitcher Curt Schilling announced he had been diagnosed with cancer, the couple announced last September. 

Tim Wakefield's Widow Stacy Dies 5 Months After Major League Baseball player, Tim Wakefield
Image Source – Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Schilling, 56, said in his podcast that Tim, his Red Sox teammate from 2004 to 2007, was diagnosed with brain cancer, and his wife also had pancreatic cancer.

Schilling’s In a statement, after the couple broke the news without their permission, the Red Sox filed an “immediate private” request on behalf of the Wakefields.

We are aware of the comments, and the team is concerned about Tim Wakefield and Stacey Wakefield’s health status. “Unfortunately, this information has been shared publicly without permission. Their health is an extremely personal matter, and they aim to take care of themselves while receiving treatment and work towards disease prevention.”

Additional comments, – Tim and Stacey, Thank you for your continued support and love. This time, we reached out to them and honored them personally.

When Tim passed away, MLB said: “We are deeply saddened by the death of Tim Wakefield, a 19-year-old participant and two-time World Series champion, 2009 American League All-Star and 2010 AL All-Star. Roberto Clemente Award winner.”

They added, “Tim was the best of a team, a tournament, and an individual. The Wakefield family and everyone who knew and loved Tim.”

Stacey’s “We would like to thank his doctors, nurses, and caregivers for his family; we will be grateful for the care and support you have shown so far.” “To everyone who sent their good wishes to the two-three months ago, thank you for your kindness,” the family said.

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