Virginia Tech student who went Missing is Found Safe in Missouri

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office reported on Saturday that a missing Virginia Tech student had been located safe.

Law enforcement in Missouri claims to have located Jonathan Roop and spoken with him directly.

According to deputies, the case is now over.

Where he seen Last Time?

The last place Roop was seen was in his apartment building on Canyon Ridge Road in Montgomery County’s Merrimac neighborhood. That took place on February 16.

Deputies provided an update on Saturday, stating that on Friday, Jonathan Roop, who had been reported missing a week earlier, was personally contacted by Missouri law officials.

About Johnny Roop

Widener said her son was a straight-A student who was driven by himself. She described him as being passionate about his Christian beliefs and having a “even-keeled” temperament.

Roop is a senior in the business program at Virginia Tech, and he will graduate in May. According to his mother, he graduated from college in three years and plans to work in financial planning.

Since boyhood, Roop and his college companions have been pals. Every few weekends, Widener said her son would drive home to visit from their upbringing in Abingdon, Virginia, which is around 100 miles away from Virginia Tech.

Widener claimed that her last text contact with Roop occurred on February 14 when they both sent each other “Happy Valentine’s Day” wishes.

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