Robert Downey Jr. Praises Wife Susan

At Saturday’s SAG Awards 2024, the Oppenheimer megastar gained fantastic overall performance by way of a male actor in a supporting role over Sterling K. Brown (American Fiction), Willem Dafoe (Poor Things), Ryan Gosling (Barbie) and Robert De Niro (Killers of the Flower Moon) 

Near the beginning of his speech, Downey, fifty-eight, joked, “Unlike my fellow nominees, I will in no way become tired from the sound of my personal voice.”

He went on to rib Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan and thank several humans in advance, giving special props to his spouse of more than twenty years, Susan Downey.

“For two decades, she has flawlessly portrayed a sane and rational person who’s thankfully married to an actor,” Downey quipped.

For his performance in Oppenheimer, Downey obtained his 1/3 nod on the SAG Awards, remaining nominated in 2009 for Tropic Thunder.

Opposite Cillian Murphy’s nominal protagonist, Downey’s Admiral Lewis Strauss acts as J. Robert Oppenheimer’s number one antagonist as the physicist navigates the ethical and emotional dilemmas of creating the atomic bomb. 

Along with Downey’s nomination, the movie is in contention for 3 different awards, which include a fantastic overall performance by using a male actor in a main function for Murphy, forty-seven.

Downey had a sweeping awards season, kicking off the Golden Globes in January 2024, where he received in his category.

In his speech at that ceremony, the actor shouted out his “primary caregiver,” wife Susan, 50, whom he stated has “literally made an artwork out of extracting me from my comfort quarter. … But she’s clean on the eyes, so whatevs.”

Downey’s companion nominee Brown, 47, isn’t known for their success at the SAG Awards; he won an Outstanding Actor in a Drama collection in 2018 for This Is Us and 3 more as part of the TV shows.

Playing the recently divorced brother of Jeffrey Wright’s Monk Ellison ( nominated for an exceptional actor), the Emmy winner brought a nuanced overall performance within the drama as a newly out gay guy. 

In addition to Brown’s nomination, costar Wright, fifty-eight, became recognized for his main role, and the American Fiction ensemble additionally acquired a nod for outstanding cast. Both Wright and Brown are up for performing awards at the imminent Oscars.

Several years passed until the following time he was regarded on the list, in 2018 for The Florida Project. Thanks to Poor Things, Dafoe makes his 1/3 look inside the assisting actor category. 

In director Yorgos Lanthimos and screenwriter Tony McNamara’s comply with-up to The Favorite (2018), Emma Stone stars as a Frankenstein’s monster-esque Bella Baxter, with Dafoe because the fastidious physician revives her.

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