Sloan Mattingly, 7, died while on a Family Beach Vacation in Florida

7-year-old Sloan Mattingly from Fort Wayne, Indiana, tragically passed away while on a family vacation in Florida. The small child and her brother Maddox, 9, were cruelly crushed under the collapse of a beach in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea when they were excavating a hole.

How did Sloan Mattingly Dies?

On Tuesday, Sloan Mattingly passed away in Broward County, Florida, after being discovered buried beneath sand.

Sloan and her brother were trapped in a hole they dug in the sand while on vacation in Florida with their parents, according to the authorities. Sloan, the sister, perished in the tragedy, but Maddox, the brother, lived.

The youngsters were successfully extracted from the hole by first responders, and they were taken to a nearby hospital, as stated by Sandra King, a representative of Pompano Beach Fire Rescue, which was called to the incident.

“When we responded to the incident, it was quite chaotic,” King stated on “Good Morning America.” “The boy was buried chest-deep in sand and the little girl was buried fully underneath him.”

Expert input on beach and sand safety

Numerous deaths involving sand have occurred throughout the years in locations ranging from California to Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Sloan’s death is only one of them.

Sloan’s death is the second sand-related mortality that has happened in the Pompano Beach area in recent years, according to King.

In 2022, an 18-year-old boy in New Jersey passed away after being stuck while excavating a hole on the seashore alongside his sister.

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