Fiery Griselda: The Godmother (Ep – 3)

Griselda, The series is currently ranked as the third most watched show globally on Netflix is earning a lot of clicks in recent times for its exciting plot. It is an American biographical crime drama miniseries on Netflix, produced by Sofía Vergara and Eric Newman and directed by Andrés Baiz.

Doug Miro and Ingrid Escajeda wrote it. Vergara plays the infamous drug lord from Colombia named Griselda Blanco in the film. Six one-hour episodes make up the miniseries, which debuted on Netflix on January 25, 2024.

In the second Griselda episode, Fernando, Alberto’s brother, attempted to murder Griselda and her children in retaliation. However, Dario, Fernando’s trusted man, was unable to kill Griselda’s son and killed Fernando in order to save them. Griselda engaged him as her bodyguard when she could not express her gratitude to him for saving her and her sons’ lives. 

Griselda follows the real-life exploits of Colombian businesswoman and drug “Queenpin” Griselda Blanco, portrayed by former Modern Family star Vergara.

It is based on the true story of Colombian entrepreneur and cocaine “queenpin” Griselda Blanco, played by Vergara, a former Modern Family star. Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard, the creators of Narcos, are executive producers of the series.

Fiery Griselda: The Godmother (Ep - 3)
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It appears like Dario had fallen in love with Griselda, whom he wanted to look out for and protect, as they began sharing a bed. But Griselda was a very ambitious woman who wanted to get to the position of respected and feared drug queen in her industry.

Griselda’s ambition was ultimately realized as she rose to prominence in this industry and was given the moniker “Godmother.” After striking a deal with German Panesso, she purchased an opulent property in a matter of months.

The series’ Jorge “Rivi” Ayala, played by Martin Rodriguez, is Blanco’s right-hand man. He expressed his excitement over the show’s early success.

To be honest, It’s an interesting performance in an entertaining musical that, once the actual cocaine cowboy phase starts and Miami transforms into the Wild Southeast for around five years, I have a feeling it is going to get a lot more fun (for certain meanings of “fun” anyway). Its ridiculousness adds to its allure.

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