The Trump Trial Rejection – US Council Urges Supreme Court

Former President Trump’s attempt to have the Supreme Court postpone his federal election subversion trial was swiftly met with resistance by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who immediately froze a decision that denied Trump’s claims of immunity.

The special counsel contended in a 40-page Supreme Court brief that the “public interest in a prompt trial is at its zenith where, as here, a former president is charged with conspiring to subvert the electoral process so that he could remain in office.”

Smith also argues that there is a compelling interest involved in the matter.

His filing was in response to Trump’s earlier this week request that the Supreme Court stay an appeal from a federal appeals court in Washington, which had rejected his claim of broad immunity from prosecution regarding his purported attempts to rig the 2020 presidential election outcomes.

Trump met the deadline set by the three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on February 12th in order to request emergency relief from the Supreme Court.

The Trump Trial Rejection - US Council Urges Supreme Court
Image Source – The Guardian

The trial has been suspended since December, and Trump’s attorneys requested that the justices continue the proceedings so that he has time to ask the D.C. Circuit to reexamine his claim of immunity and, if necessary, file an appeal with the Supreme Court.

Smit also argued that the criminal charges against Trump are highly striking toward the heart of democracy. They do not justify the claims put forward by him. He was in total admonishment of Trump’s acts.

Trump’s trial will probably be postponed if the Supreme Court grants his plea to suspend the lower court’s decision while he pursues additional scrutiny. As the current front-runner for the Republican presidential candidate, Trump has argued that it would violate his First Amendment rights to be put on trial during the busiest part of the 2024 election season, and it would make it more difficult for him to run against President Biden.

In the complaint, Trump is accused of conspiring to tamper with the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, which is the basis for four federal offenses. In response to the accusations made against him in three different criminal proceedings, he has entered a not-guilty plea.

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