Isaiah Cramer Missing Wisconsin

In the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, there is a village called Vernon, from where a 16-year-old teenager Isaiah Cramer, has been run away from the mental facility and has been missing since 4th February. This boy is suffering from epilepsy and is without any medication. He is a boy of light-skinned color wearing dark-colored sweatpants and hoody with a height of 5’8’’ and weighs around 200 pounds.

His father Vance Cramer has reported in the Wis. Afternoon News that people search for his child.

Vance Cramer told some stories about Isiah’s condition so that everybody knew how to deal with him. As Vance told the news, this is not the first time Isiah ran away; there are times when he ran away just out of frustration without any reason. A couple of years ago, when Isiah was off his medication he had a very big and bad seizure, and it has been nine days since Isiah had his meditation, which means he might be suffering badly without medicine.

Isaiah Cramer Missing Wisconsin
Image Source – TMJ4

The Waukesha Sheriff’s Department has planted many researchers to look for Isiah but has had no luck so far. Other police departments are also looking for him and it has come to light that Isiah was last seen around Maple Avenue and Center Drive in Vernon, as many people inform the police that they have seen him here and there but still he is not found. 

There are flyers all around so that if people see him, they inform the authorities. And the public is supporting the family of Isiah very much and has their condolences with them. There is also a reward for people who will bring Isiah home $2000, and the Cramer’s are also providing expenses for the printing of flyers and food and other expenses to those who are helping in the search for their child. So if anybody sees him, call the following number: (262) 446-5090. 

The last time Vance Cramer saw his child was on 3rd February, and he had a good day when they both went for a movie and dinner. It has been eleven days since Vance saw his kid, so it is requested that everyone help them get their child back. 

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