Chuy Montana Cause Of Death and Obituary: How did Chuy Montana Die?

Chuy Montana Cause Of Death and Obituary: Recently, street mob records’ corridos singer Chuy Montana was murdered on February 7, 2024. According to reports, he was found handcuffed and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds on the side of a freeway. The music community is deeply saddened by his death. His family is very saddened by his death. Stay with our article to know all the things related to Chuy Montana Cause of Death.

What Happened to Chuy Montana? What is Chuy Montana Cause of Death?

Chuy Montana Cause Of Death

Chuy Montana was a resident of Tijuana. His real name was Jesus Cardenas. He was part of the music roster at Street Mob Records. He had contributed a lot to the music world. He was a rising star in the music world. According to a recent report, it has been revealed that he was driving his car on the road in Tijuana, Mexico when suddenly armed people attacked him and tried to kidnap him. On February 7, 2024, his body was found on the highway connecting Rosarito to Tijuana. According to reports, it was said that there were bullet marks on his body and he was handcuffed. His death is being mourned by Street Mob Records. He moved away from his family at the age of 25 and said goodbye to this world. His family is in deep shock due to his death. The police is searching for his killers.

“On behalf of Street Mob Records, we deeply regret the passing of our collaborator and brother Chuy Montana,” the label wrote in an Instagram post Thursday following his death. “We stand in solidarity with his family in this time of grief. We request understanding and respect from the media at this difficult moment.”

After his death, many tributes are being paid on social media and prayers are being offered to God for his soul to rest in peace.

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