Mallorca Lee Cause Of Death At 51 And Obituary? What Has Happened To DJ Mallorca Lee?

Mallorca Lee was a Scottish DJ and the frontman of the iconic 90s music and dance group UltraSonic. Lee was born in Paisley, founded Ultra Sonic in Ayrshire in 1991, and the group gained recognition on the rave scene.

Name Mallorca Lee
Place of Birth Paisley, Scotland
Age (at the time of death) 51
Occupation DJ, Musician
Notable Work Frontman of Ultra Sonic
Career Start Year 1991
Last Single Released “Hardcore Will Never Die” (2020)
Cause of Death Complications from terminal cancer

What Happened To Ultra Sonic DJ Mallorca Lee? 

UltraSonic DJ Mallorca Lee, renowned for his role in the 90s dance music scene, has passed away at 51 following a struggle with terminal cancer. The news of his demise was shared on social media by a fellow musician, DJ Kid, expressing profound sorrow at the loss.

The cause of Mallorca Lee’s death was due to his battle with terminal cancer, marking the end of an extraordinary career that left an indelible mark on the 90s music and dance era. Fans and fellow artists continue to pour tribute to Mallorca, remembering him for his amazing energy and influence on the music.

Mallorca Lee Cause Of Death At 51 And Obituary? What Has Happened To DJ Mallorca Lee?
Image Source – Daily Express

Mallorca Lee Cause Of Death And Obituary

Scottish DJ Mallorca Lee, known for his role as the frontman of the 90s dance group Ultra Sonic, has died at the age of 51.

His UltraSonic group gained popularity on the rave scene in the 90s, and secured a spot on the UK Top 100 charts. Mallorca continued his musical journey despite his recent health battle. Releasing the single “Hardcore Will Never Die” in 2020.

The news of Mallorca’s death was shared on social media by fellow musician DJ Kid, who expressed deep sadness and remembered Mallorca’s legacy. Mallorca’s family confirmed the news with a message, saying, “We love you infinity, goodbye and safe trip.”

Mallorca had shared on Facebook about his terminal cancer diagnosis with fans, urging everyone to cherish the love around them. He leaves behind his wife and two children. Mallorca Lee’s death has left a void in the music community, with fans and fellow artists expressing their deep grieves and pouring tribute to the legendary DJ.

The cause of the passing was attributed to a battle with terminal cancer. He shared his diagnosis with his fans courageously just weeks before his death. Mallorca Lee’s energy and musical legacy are remembered by those who knew him, and his indelible contributions to 90s dance music will continue to be celebrated.

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