Missing Report Of 15-Year-Old Girl Myleigh Bray From Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Bray Missing Report:- The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation have announced a warning because of a missing teenage girl, Myleigh Bray, that may inflict danger to her life. She was dropped out of sight on January 29 in Oklahoma. She had black hair and blue eyes, was 5 feet 4 inches tall, and weighed about 110 pounds. When she disappeared, she was wearing black clothes and carrying a big brown bag.

She Was Disappeared From Oklahoma Highway Patrol 

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced a warning for a teenage girl, Myleigh Bray, who is missing and could be in danger. She was last spotted in Stephens County on January 29 carrying a black shirt and pants and having a big brown purse. The authorities presume that she might be in Tulsa County, Wagoner County, or Stephens County. OHP is asking people who have seen Myleigh or know where she might be. If you have any information related to Myleigh, please call 911 immediately.

Missing Report Of 15-Year-Old Girl Myleigh Bray From Oklahoma Highway Patrol
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The case of the young disappeared girl highlights the missing trend: There’s been a rise in the number of missing teenage children in Oklahoma lately. According to the Oklahoma Missing and Found Network, more than 30 youngsters have been missing since the start of the year 2024.

While some of them have been found or they came back to their home, many are still missing. Most of these disappeared kids are aged from 13 to 17. There’s a lot of tension that some of them might have become victims of human trafficking.

The Oklahoma Missing and Found Network urges people to come together to help prevent further cases and help solve missing children cases. If you find a missing child or have any information regarding them, please call 911, or you can use the tip form on the Oklahoma Missing and Found Network’s official site.

Myleigh Bray’s Physical Appearance

Myleigh has black hair and blue eyes and is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs about 110 pounds. The last time she was spotted, she was wearing black clothing and had a large brown bag.

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