How did Sarah Healey Die? What is Sarah Healey Cause of Death?

Sarah Healey Cause of Death and Obituary: Recently Sarah Healey, a 39-year-old British mother of three children, passed away. Reports say Sarah Healey collapsed and died while speaking at her father-in-law’s funeral. Her children and family are in great shock due to her death. Stay with our article to know all the things related to the death of Sarah Healey.

Who was Sarah Healey? What is Sarah Healey Cause of Death?

Sarah Healey Obituary

Sarah Healey was a nurse by profession. She gained expertise in oncology and treatment of cancer patients. Sarah Healey ran a clinic called Aesthetics at the Thames Valley Athletics Center in Eton, Windsor.

Recently reports said that Sarah Healey’s father-in-law died at the age of 81. While giving the eulogy at her father-in-law’s funeral, Sarah Healey suffered a heart attack and collapsed in front of her three children and died. After her death Sarah’s mother, Gladys Healy, said “Sarah was one of the first people to pay tribute to James’s father. “However, Sara suddenly fell to the ground during her eulogy. “It appears Sarah had an arrhythmia or cardiac arrest.” “It was a terrible blow to our family. “It was a blow to her partner, who had just lost her father. “It was a blow to the three young children left behind and it was a blow to Dave, myself and Sarah’s younger sister Trisha, Who was at the event with us.”

Sarah Healey Died

After her death, her sister Trisha Healy said, “Losing my older and only sister has been the hardest thing I have ever experienced. “I talked to her daily and we had an extremely close bond that only sisters can experience. “Life will never be the same, but I find that planning things with friends, talking, and needing Crying without shame when I fall has helped.”

Following her death, Sarah Healy’s father Dave said, “One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that instead of falling into complete despair, you can try to do something meaningful in memory of your loved one. ” “I think that’s important advice.”

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