Who is Sally Field Husband? How many times did Sally Fields get married?

Sally Field is a popular American actress. Sally Field is famous for her work and role in the Gidget (1965–1966), The Flying Nun (1967–1970), and The Girl with Something Extra (1973–1974).

In 2023, Sally Field appeared as Betty in the “80 for Brady” film.

Sally Field married twice and divorced both husbands.

Sally Field first married in 1968 Steve Craig, but divorced after 7 years, in 1975.

Sally Field married Alan Greisman for the second time in 1984. Got divorced after 10 years of marriage.

Sally Field

Sally Field was in a relationship with actor Burt Reynolds from 1976 to 1980.

Sally Field has two sons from her first marriage: Peter Craig and Eli Craig.

Sally Field has a son, Sam (born 1987), from her second marriage.

Sally Field has had a total of 11 relationships, including Kevin Kline (1982), Jerry Knight 2 (1995 – 1996), Burt Reynolds (1976 – 1980), Pete Duel (1967 – 1968), Lee Majors (1967), Davy Jones (1965 – 1966), Johnny Carson and Jimmy Webb.

In 1962, Sally Field made her film debut as Beatnik Girl In Lineup in the “Moon Pilot” film.

In 1965, Sally Field made her television debut as Frances Elizabeth ‘Gidget’ Lawrence in the “Gidget” series.

Sally Field is well-known for “The Flying Nun”, “The Girl with Something Extra”, “Brothers & Sisters”, “Dispatches from Elsewhere”, and more.

Sally Field acted in many movies such as The Way West, Smokey and the Bandit, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, Absence of Malice, Places in the Heart, Not Without My Daughter, Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco, Murphy’s Romance, Lincoln, and more.

Sally Field also appeared inmany tv series, including Hey, Landlord, Bracken’s World, Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring, Home for the Holidays, Sybil, All the Way Home, King of the Hill, From the Earth to the Moon, David Copperfield, Dispatches from Elsewhere, and more

Sally Field also acted in some stage play like 6 Rms Riv Vu, The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?, The Glass Menagerie, Vanities, All My Sons, and more.

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