SAYouth Mobile Login – How To Apply On SAYouth Mobi?

A business network is basic in assisting youth with getting open positions or learning open doors, and SAYouth has made a stage for that. Go through this information to dive deeper into the SAYouth login method, application structure, how to join, and how you can profit from it. 

President Cyril Ramaposa launched SAYouth on Youth Day, 16th June 2021, as a section of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention (PYEI). It is a step by the government to handle the unemployment issue in the country. 

SAYouth Login Process, Registration, And The Application Form 

form also offer helpful resources like digital skills, interview tips, job searching, and tips on how to hustle. The platform can track your journey and help you to improve your recommendations. 

SAYouth Mobile Website Register And The Online Application Requirements

These services are only available for the person who meets the following criteria:-

  • Aged in between (18 – 34) years. 
  • Need to have a South African Identity Document or a valid work permit. 
  • Not enrolled in any education or training programs.
  • Not beneficiaries of any government payment programs. 
How To Apply On SAYouth Mobi? 
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How To Apply On SAYouth Mobi? 

Women and young people with disabilities are encouraged to apply for this upgrading experience. The application process involves registration on an account on the official website. The account will contain your details, educational qualifications, work experience, and contact details. This basic information will help you link yourself with like-minded individuals and the right kind of opportunities. 

How To Register At SAYouth? 

To Have access to the opportunities nearby on the platform, you need to register. You may find yourself answering questions regarding your qualifications and personal as well. These questions are the basic requirements for matching you to the right opportunities that are specific to you. 

Follow these steps to register with SAYouth and apply:-

  • Visit the SAYouth Mobi website And, Click the “I’m ready to join.”
  • Fill out the form consisting of the personal information and contact details. 
  • Provide correct answers to all the questions. Accepting terms and conditions and the processes will take about four minutes. 
  • Provide information regarding your educational qualifications and work experience. Click on the profile icon, which will prompt a selection of opportunities near you. 
  • To apply for an opportunity nearby, just click on it. 

The documents are required for the registration process:-

  • A South African identity document is either a citizen passport, refugee number, or permanent resident card. 
  •  Postal code or a valid work permit.

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