How To Solve SASSA Status Pending Issue?

The South African Social Security Agency is responsible for the formulation of all the programs related to the welfare of the citizens. Applicants who filed applications are seeing a pending status in the portal. To know more about this issue and how to solve this issue, read this article.

What Does SASSA Status Pending Mean?

The government provided the R350 scheme for citizens who are unable to meet their financial needs due to no income source. The scheme is for financially weaker groups. The eligible citizens are required to apply for the scheme on the portal. Normally, authorities take 3 months to approve the application.

Many applicants are seeing their application status as pending. This may be because their details are being cross-checked or some information is missing in the form. However, the applicants need not worry as the authorities take the time to update the status of the application. 

Why Some Applications Are Rejected?

The applications are also rejected. This is because the applicants do not qualify as per the qualifying factors. But if they qualify in the future, they can again apply and provide the required documents. Also, if the applicant is already receiving another grant, it can also be the reason for rejection.

How To Check SASSA Status?
Image Source – WBHRB

How To Check SASSA Status?

The applicants must be awaiting their payments under the scheme. The applicants can check their status on the portal through the following steps-

  1. Type the web address of the grant portal on the search engine.
  2. Enter your contact details as mentioned while registering to receive the login code.
  3. Enter the code and access the application dashboard.
  4. From there, the applicants shall be able to see the status.

Some may see their status as pending because the authorities are verifying the massive number of applications received by them on the portal.

How To Solve SASSA Status Pending?

Sometimes, the department requires some additional documents in the application. The applicant must submit the specific document so that the application status changes. For people in South Africa, this grant is an important financial income and thus is essential for them.

Since the number of applications filed is much higher, authorities take time to verify these details.

Till this time, applicants need not worry much about the status and not assume that applicants won’t receive the grant just because of this status.