Logan Jacinto Found Dead: Know Logan Jacinto Missing Update

Logan Jacinto Found Dead: According to Logan Jacinto’s family, he was reported missing at around 8:30 pm after an accident on Highway 175. The news of his disappearance was informed to the police by his wife. Logan Jacinto messaged his wife for the last time before the accident and said that it was raining heavily but he would be home by late. According to police reports, it was said that he lost control of his car and collided with the guardrail. The police is busy investigating his disappearance. We have given all the news related to the disappearance of Logan Jacinto in this article.

Missing Logan Jacinto Died at 40: 

Logan Jacinto Missing

Logan Jacinto was being searched by the police and his family after his disappearance. The search for Logan Jacinto ended on Sunday and Logan Jacinto’s brother found his body in a creek. Logan Jacinto’s death has been confirmed by Kaufman County deputies.

Following his death his sister, Sidonia Jacinto, said “It was the call we didn’t want to get, you know, hearing that your brother is dead.”

“We weren’t going to give him up,” Sidonia Jacinto said. “We said we’d be up all day, all night. That’s exactly what we did.”

“My brother, who jumped in, he’s not processing it,” said Sidonia Jacinto. “It didn’t phase him at all and he was like, ‘I jumped in there sister, I pulled her out of the water. I gave her a kiss and told her I love you.'”

According to his mother, Rosie Jacinto, “Logan Jacinto was left disoriented and confused, possibly as a result of a head injury or concussion.”

Logan Jacinto was a proud, hard-working electrician. He was living a married life. He lived with his wife, 9 siblings, mother and 2 children. After his death his family and his friends are very sad.

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