Lianka Azulay Died: How Did Lianka Azulay Died?

According to sources, it has been learned that famous designer and founder of Bonita Patterns, Lianka Azulay, has passed away on Sunday, December 31, 2023. The crochet and design communities are saddened by her death. Due to her death, the Croatian community and her family are completely devastated. Lianka Azulay was best known as the creator of Bonita Patterns. Her memories will always be remembered by the design community. Her designs have won the hearts of many people in the trendy design community. The cause of death of Lianka Azulay has not been disclosed yet. Her friends and people from the design community are praying to God for her soul to rest in peace. The crochet community expressed grief over her death and paid tribute to her on social media, saying that she will always be remembered in the design community.

How Did Lianka Azulay Died?

Lianka Azulay died on December 31, 2023. Everyone was deeply shocked by her death. Lianka Azulay was born in Brazil. She was a famous designer by profession. She started her career at the age of 7 when she picked up her first crochet hook. After that she never looked back and due to her talent made a lot of name in the croquet community. She learned a lot from her grandmother in her childhood. She went to America in 2000 and made a career in graphic design. After that she started selling her designs online. After that she quit her job and launched her own Bonita Pattern. She founded Bonita Patterns. She was the founder as well as employee of Bonita Patterns. She was very adept at making the crocodile stitch, which resembles crocodile scales. The first collection of her designs was “Crocodile Stitch Fashion” which was published by Annie’s Attic in 2012 and became a #1 best-seller on Annie’s Attic’s list. Among her designs, the crocodile stitch was very popular and became one of the best crochet techniques.

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