Horslips Guitarist Johnny Fean Dies – What Was the Cause of His Demise?

The Irish rock band Horslips’ guitarist Johnny Fean, who went suddenly at the age of 72, is mourned by the music community. Many people are interested in the cause of the deceased musician’s death as fans and musicians pay tribute to him. Here is what is currently known about Johnny Fean’s demise.

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Who was Johnny Fean?

Johnny Fean was an Irish guitarist and songwriter best known as a member of the influential rock band Horslips. Fean was born in Dublin in 1949 and began playing guitar at a young age. He joined Horslips in 1972 and played with the band until they disbanded in 1980. Fean was known for his innovative guitar playing and contributed to many of Horslips’ most famous songs, including “Dearg Doom” and “Trouble (With a Capital T).”

What was the cause of Johnny Fean’s demise?

As of now, the exact cause of Johnny Fean’s death has not been publicly announced. However, a statement released by his family and Horslips bandmates confirmed that Fean had been “ill for some time” and that he passed away peacefully at his home in Dublin. The statement also praised Fean’s “unique talent and energy” and expressed gratitude for the support and condolences they had received.

How are fans and fellow musicians reacting to Fean’s demise?

Following Johnny Fean’s passing, admirers and other musicians posted condolences and memories on social media. Many people have acknowledged Fean’s contributions to Horslips and the Irish music scene and praised his abilities as a guitarist and songwriter. Others who met Fean or saw him perform have related their experiences and recalled him as a kind and giving person.

Several prominent musicians have also paid tribute to Fean, including U2 guitarist The Edge, who tweeted that Fean was “a true innovator and an inspiration to generations of Irish musicians.” Irish President Michael D. Higgins also released a statement honoring Fean’s “remarkable contribution to Irish music” and expressing his condolences to Fean’s family and friends.

What is Johnny Fean’s legacy?

Johnny Fean’s legacy is one of innovation, creativity, and talent. As a member of Horslips, he helped pioneer a unique blend of traditional Irish music and rock and roll, inspiring countless musicians in Ireland and beyond. Fean’s guitar playing and songwriting were instrumental to Horslips’ success, and fans and fellow musicians continue to celebrate his contributions. Though he is no longer with us, Fean’s legacy lives on through his music and the countless people he inspired throughout his career.

Johnny Fean’s passing has profoundly impacted the music world, as fans and fellow musicians remember his contributions to Horslips and the Irish music scene. While the cause of his death has not been publicly announced, Fean’s legacy as a guitarist, songwriter, and innovator is undeniable. As the music community mourns his loss, Fean’s music and spirit will continue to inspire future generations.

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