What we know about Jaclyn Cordeiro new girlfriend Alex Rodriguez

Jaclyn Cordeiro is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida. She founded the fitness and wellness brand JACLYNPHIT, which offers personalized training and nutrition plans. Cordeiro is also a certified personal trainer and has worked with several high-profile clients, including celebrities and professional athletes.

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How did Cordeiro and Rodriguez meet?

It’s unclear exactly how Cordeiro and Rodriguez met, but reports suggest mutual friends in Miami introduced them. The couple has been spotted together on several occasions, including on a recent trip to Europe, where they enjoyed the sights in Monaco and Cannes.

How is Cordeiro’s relationship with Rodriguez?

While the couple has kept their relationship relatively low-key, they have been seen spending time together in public and sharing photos on social media. Rodriguez has admired Cordeiro’s fitness and wellness expert and has even shared workout videos featuring her on his Instagram page. The couple seems to share a passion for health and fitness, and their relationship appears strong.

What to expect from Cordeiro’s plans with Rodriguez?

In addition to growing her fitness brand, Cordeiro has expressed interest in pursuing a career in real estate. She has also suggested expanding her brand to include a line of fitness apparel and accessories. With her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for fitness, Cordeiro seems poised for success in whatever she sets her sights on next.

In conclusion, Jaclyn Cordeiro may be relatively unknown outside of the fitness world, but she has captured the heart of one of baseball’s biggest stars. Her passion for health and wellness and her entrepreneurial drive make her a force to be reckoned with. As her relationship with Alex Rodriguez evolves, it will be interesting to see what new ventures she pursues and how she continues to impact the fitness world and beyond.

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