Who Is Waylon Kurts? Vermont College Student Charged Over Weapons Cache in Dorm Room

In late March 2023, Vermont police received a report of a potential threat on the campus of Bennington College. Upon investigation, they discovered a cache of weapons and ammunition in the dorm room of Waylon Kurts, a 19-year-old student at the college. The discovery led to Kurts’ arrest and charges of possessing a firearm on school grounds, possessing a high-capacity magazine, and possessing stolen property.

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How did the police discover the weapon? 

On March 29th, 2023, Bennington College officials contacted the police department about a student who may have owned firearms on campus. When officers arrived at the dorm room of Waylon Kurts, they discovered a cache of weapons, including four semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun, a pistol, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. In addition to the guns, the police also found a tactical vest, body armour, and a mask.

Authorities immediately arrested Kurts and charged him with several criminal offences. The discovery of the weapons cache led to an investigation into Kurts’ background and the reasons behind possessing such weapons.

Who Is Waylon Kurts?

Waylon Kurts is a 19-year-old student at Bennington College in Vermont. Kurts was a student in the college’s visual arts program and had only been enrolled for a few months before his arrest. Kurts’ friends and classmates describe him as quiet and reserved, but they never suspected he was capable of possessing a cache of weapons.

Kurts’ online presence has revealed some concerning posts and messages linked to white supremacist ideologies. However, whether these ideologies influenced Kurts’ decision to possess weapons is unclear.

How did Kurt’s parents react to their son’s arrest?

After discovering the weapons, Kurts’ parents have spoken about their son’s arrest. They described their son as quiet and introverted, struggling with mental health issues. According to Kurts’ parents, their son had been seeing a therapist and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Kurts’ parents stated that they were unaware of their son’s possession of weapons and were shocked by the discovery. They emphasized that they did not condone violence or extremist views of any kind and expressed their concern for the safety of everyone involved.

What is Kurt’s next step after this incident?

Kurts’ arrest and the discovery of the weapons cache have raised concerns about safety on college campuses and the ease of access to firearms. Kurts is currently being held in custody, and his trial is set to begin in the coming months. If found guilty, Kurts could face several years in prison.

The incident has also raised questions about mental health services and support for students on college campuses. Many call for increased funding for mental health resources and stricter regulations on firearms possession.

In conclusion, the discovery of Waylon Kurts’ weapons cache has raised many concerns about safety on college campuses and the ease of access to firearms. Kurts’ parents have spoken out about their son’s struggles with mental health, and the incident has led to calls for increased support for students in this area. As Kurts’ trial approaches, many will be watching to see what the outcome will be and what steps can be taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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