Who is Connor Sturgeon, Louisville Bank Shooter?

Connor Sturgeon
Source: AL.com

On Monday morning, a lone attacked a bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, murdering five people and wounding eight others before being killed in a shootout with police. Connor Sturgeon, 25, was eventually identified as the suspect by authorities.

What Does Connor Sturgeon Do?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sturgeon worked as a summer intern at the bank for three years until becoming a commercial development professional in 2021 and a full-time associate and portfolio banker last year. According to the Louisville Metro Police Department, Sturgeon entered the bank before it opened to the public at 8:30 a.m. and began firing. Witnesses reported they saw Sturgeon fire several bullets from a “long assault weapon” on the first level of the bank building.

He Died in an Encounter

Sturgeon, who was live-streaming his attack on Instagram, was shot and killed by police after pointing his at them, according to Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel during a news conference on Monday afternoon. According to CNN, Sturgeon was told he was going to be fired from the bank and left a note for his parents and a buddy threatening to shoot up the bank. Rickey Readus, a Louisville native, told The Post how employees fled to neighboring companies for safety.

What Exactly Happened? 

Others inside the bank claimed they sought refuge in conference rooms and restrooms as soon as they heard. “The restrooms on our floor have keycode admission, so it was probably the safest location we could think of to hide,” Daily Beast staffer Tammy Madigan explained. “So the six of us walked into the men’s room, silenced our phones, and tried to be as quiet as we could.” According to Madigan, when the killed, police escorted the remaining employees out of the building, where several could see Sturgeon’s body on the first floor. It is yet unknown if he committed himself or was shot by cops.

Connor Sturgeon
Source: New York Post

Other People Were Reported Dead As Well

Following the incident, the University of Louisville Hospital announced that it received nine patients, including two police officers and seven civilians. One of the cops was said to be critically injured. The hospital stated that at least three patients had been released but did not provide information on the health of the other injured victims. Sturgeon attended the University of Alabama, where he got a master’s degree in finance in 2020. Todd, his father, is a former boys’ basketball coach at the University of Indianapolis, where he led the team to five NCAA tournament trips from 1992 to 2007. Sturgeon’s father is currently a US history teacher at Floyd Central High School in Indiana, which he also attended.

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