Who is Martial Artist Israel Adesanya’s Kim Kardashian Look Alike Girlfriend?

Israel Adesanya, a professional mixed martial artist from New Zealand, holds the top ranking in the UFC for middleweight fighters at the moment. The middleweight contender is viewed as one of the most outstanding strikers in MMA, both obnoxiously and protectively. As a former boxer, MMA fighter, and kickboxer, he has had a wild career in the ring. But how turbulent has his life been outside of the ring?

Who is Israel Adesanya?

Israel Mobolaji Temitayo Odunayo Oluwafemi Owolabi Adesanya was born on 22nd July of the year 1989 and is a Nigerian and New Zealand proficient blended military craftsman, kickboxer, and former fighter. His mother, Taiwo, is a nurse, whereas his father, Oluwafemi, is an accountant. Adesanya was enrolled in the Taekwondo after-school club at Chrisland School, Opebi, until his mother removed him because of an injury.

Israel Adesanya's Girlfriend
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He moved to Ghana with his family in yearb1999 for ten months. When he was 10, he settled in Rotorua, New Zealand, and attended Rotorua Boys’ High School because his parents wanted their children to get a good college education.

He is the current and two-time Middleweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as a mixed martial artist. He fights in the UFC in the Middleweight division. He has fought for the Glory Middleweight Championship title in kickboxing. He is ranked first in the UFC middleweight rankings as of November 14, 2022, and he is ranked fifth in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound latest rankings.

What Do We Know About Israel Adesanya’s Girlfriend?

Born in February of the year 1990, Shana Evers is a model from Australia. She is the younger sister of Brooke Evers, who is a DJ, model, as well as a television personality. Shana was born on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Shana’s family is also often referred to as the “Gold Coast Kardashians” due to her kinship with the Kardashians and her similarity to Kim Kardashian. Shane has a large social media following and is one of the wealthiest models in the industry. According to our sources, her net worth is $5 million.

With 350,000 Facebook followers and 135,000 Instagram followers, Shana appears to have been one of the popular models with the most followers at one point. She was likewise supported by the Kardashians. It is still mostly unknown when Adesanya and Evers first met and started relations. On the other hand, it has been deduced that Adesanya liked Evers’ Instagram post in September of the year 2021. Consequently, something may have transpired at that point.

Israel Adesanya's Girlfriend
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Shana has roughly 85,000 devotees on her Instagram. She calls herself a student and an investor. She is likewise the pioneer behind a business called Ladies In Meta, and she is into liveliness and wellness.

What Does Adesanya Think About Having Children?

Adesanya, on the other hand, has a distinct position regarding children. He needs to have them soon, but not before he resigns from the UFC, and he does not want to have children but not be able to spend time with them afterwards. What he said about having kids is that he can handle anything, and he wants to be there for his children when he has kids. He added that if he was being honest, he would want to be a stay-at-home dad and wants to be the coolest dad who just spends the entire day with his kids, takes them to school and the playground, and kicks it.

He added that he didn’t want to tell his kids that he was going to see them in three weeks and then talk on the phone due to his busy schedule. He went on to say that he had seen people go through that, his coaches have gone through that, and some of his friends have gone through that.

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