Is Tennis Player Matteo Berrettini’s New Girlfriend Affecting His Career?

This year, Matteo Berrettini had a disappointing performance at the Miami Open, but he was able to rest up for his next event. On Saturday, April 1, the 26-year-old Italian tennis star and his girlfriend, Italian television presenter Melissa Satta, were seen unwinding on the beach in Miami, Florida. The couple stayed in town for the remainder of the tournament after Matteo lost in the Round of 64 a week earlier. Read more to know about Matteo Berrettini and his girlfriend.

Who is Matteo Berrettini?

Matteo Berrettini was born on 12th April of the year 1996 and is a professional tennis player from Italy. He has reached the top spot in the world and he reached the rank of world No. 6 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in singles in January of the previous year. 105 in doubles in July of the year 2019, achieved Berrettini has won seven singles titles and two doubles titles on the ATP Tour. He reached the singles final of the Wimbledon Championships, which was his best major performance.

Matteo Berrettini's New Girlfriend
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Berrettini became a professional tennis player in the year 2015. He won three singles titles on the ATP Challenger Tour and two on the ITF World Tennis Tour. In May of the year 2018, he broke into the top 100 of the ATP rankings. He entered the top 25 in the year 2019 after winning the Hungarian Open and the Stuttgart Open, two more tournaments, and carried that momentum into his first major semifinal appearance in his career at the US Open, where he finished the year ranked in the top 10. Berrettini took extra steps in the year 2021, after arriving at his most memorable Bosses 1000 last at the Madrid Open, coming out on top for his most memorable ATP 500 championship at the Sovereign’s Club Titles, and turning into the principal Italian player, male or female, to challenge a Wimbledon single last.

Is Matteo’s Girlfriend Affecting His Career?

The assertion that Matteo Berrettini’s relationship with Melissa Satta is harming his career has been refuted by the actor.

In the tennis community, Berrettini’s poor 2023 season has been a popular topic of discussion. Matteo Berrettini decided to concentrate on the positive aspects of the criticism directed at him. He emphasized that the scrutiny and attention he received was evidence of tennis’s widespread popularity in Italy.

While addressing the situation, he said that it made him smile because it indicates that tennis is one of Italy’s most popular sports and that everyone talks about it and sees him around.

Despite this, World No. 22 questioned the veracity of the assertions that his relationship was having an impact on his professional life. He cited the development of social media as the impetus for such criticism. The Italian claimed that what ultimately matters to him is that he is content in his relationship.

Matteo Berrettini's New Girlfriend
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Berrettini also stated that he struggled to answer on engagement because he cannot comprehend how a relationship can allow an individual to neglect her responsibilities, but people talk. He said that he believed that general education has been lost in this day and age of social media, where anyone can say anything, however, in the end, he was content, and this is what matters.

Nicola Criticized Matteo’s Work Ethic

On February 18, Nicola Pietrangeli, a former tennis player from Italy, criticized Matteo Berrettini’s work ethic and suggested that the 26-year-old was focusing more on advertising than tennis. In addition, tennis fans recently slammed Berretini and his girlfriend for spending a day at the beach despite his poor form.

In a meeting with Eurosport on April 9, Matteo Berrettini decided to zero in on the more brilliant side of the analysis coordinated towards him. He emphasized that the scrutiny and attention he received was evidence of tennis’s widespread popularity in Italy.

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