Justin Owen: Sprint Car Driver Died At The Age Of 26

Now that Justin Owen’s demise has been confirmed, it happened tonight in an accident in Lawrenceburg. The races for the evening were cancelled. Friends and family of Justin Owen are in our prayers and thoughts. Continue reading to see a video of the tragic vehicle accident and the reason for Owen’s passing.

What Happened To Justin Owen?

After the tragedy at Lawrenceburg Speedway, NASCAR Sprint car driver Justin Owen passed away. A driver-related concern has reportedly prompted the cancellation of a racing event on Saturday night at Lawrenceburg Raceway, according to Lawrenceburg emergency authorities.

Justin Owen, a Sprint Cup and NASCAR driver, died after his accident at Lawrenceburg Raceway earlier today. He lost his life sadly in the tragedy that transpired in Ohio tonight, despite all attempts to save him.

Although emergency personnel were able to free him from the locked car, he passed away after being airlifted or taken outside of the racecourse by a Taken by Life unit.

The USAC AMSOIL INC. Sprint Car National Championship event that was initially scheduled for tonight will not take place at Indiana’s Lawrenceburg Raceway. A qualifying incident involving Justin Owen of Harrison, Ohio resulted in the event being called off.

Justin took first place in the boss sprint feature at Lernerville and then again the following night at Mercer on the local racing circuit in 2019. Our racing community has suffered yet another setback, so let’s join together in prayer for the strength to lift everyone’s spirits.

Who Was justin Owen?

Justin Owen
Source: ABC news

Sprint driver Justin Owen built a name for himself on the USAC Racing circuit. He got into racing when he was young and rapidly became passionate about it. He participated in a variety of competitions and was renowned for his breathtaking speed and prowess on the track. Every time he hit the track, Justin pushed hard to raise his performance because of his undying commitment to racing.

Justin was admired for his warmth and charisma in addition to his talent. He became a fan favourite among spectators and other racers thanks to his amiable and approachable demeanour.

How Did Justin Owen Passed Away?

According to sources, on Saturday, April 8, 2023, Justin Owen was engaged in a terrible accident at the Lawrenceburg Speedway and tragically died as a result of his injuries. The Sprint Car National Championship has been cancelled in the wake of his passing.

Everyone has been greatly shocked by his abrupt passing, especially his family and friends. The family of Justin has not released any formal information regarding the plans for his funeral. However, it is anticipated that they will shortly divulge all of these facts.

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