Paul Cattermole Wife: Was S Club 7 Bandmate Married? Know Everything About Them

Paul Cattermole, a British singer and performer, rose to fame as a member of the well-known musical group S Club 7. Age 46, he passed away in 2023. He has been in the news recently for his personal life, particularly his marriage to his wife. We’ll go through all you need to know about Paul Cattermole’s wife, from their past to their present.

Let’s begin by briefly introducing Paul Cattermole and his professional background. Paul Cattermole gained prominence as a member of the pop group S Club 7 in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The group generated numerous successes, such as “Bring it All Back,” “Don’t Stop Movin’,” and “Reach.” Paul Cattermole kept working in the entertainment business after the band broke up, taking on acting jobs and recording solo albums.

Was S Club 7 bandmate Paul Cattermole Married?

According to numerous tabloids, Hannah Spearritt is Paul Cattermole’s wife. Hannah Spearritt and Paul Cattermole have been married for some time. In 1994, they first connected while participating in the National Youth Music Theatre.

Was Paul Cattermole Married?

Paul Cattermole never got married and was sadly discovered dead at home in April 2023. He did, however, spend a significant amount of time with Hannah Spearritt, a bandmate. In 1994, Cattermole and Spearritt were both members of the National Youth Music Theatre. Cattermole was 17 years old at the time, and Spearritt was 14 years old.

They were both chosen in 1999 to be a part of the pop group S Club 7. However, they didn’t start relations until May 2001, when their friendship did.Prior to going public with their relationship in November 2001, they kept it a secret for the first six months of their courtship.

Did Paul Cattermole Have Any Children?

Paul Cattermole
Source: ABC news

Paul didn’t have any kids, that’s for sure. However, other S Club 7 participants have now had children of their own. Bradley McIntosh has a son named Kairo, and Rachel Stevens has two children. In addition to Hannah having two children of her own, Jo O’Meara also has a son. Roman Barrett is Tina Barrett’s son.

When Paul Cattermole Joined S Club 7?

In 1999, Paul was chosen to be a part of S Club 7. Along with the other members, this was decided upon via a series of auditions. Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, and Hannah Spearritt.They produced one number-one album and four number-one singles over the course of five years.

They produced several television programs, such as Miami 7, L.A. 7, Hollywood 7, and Viva S Club. S Club 7 had one UK No. 1 album and four UK No. 1 singles throughout their five years of collaboration. They also enjoyed a streak of successes outside of Europe, with a song reaching the top ten in the US, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

They produced four studio albums in all, eleven singles, and sold more than fourteen million albums globally. In 2002, Cattermole left the group and formed his own band, Skua, which likewise disbanded soon after. S Club 7 remained a unit until 2003 and has subsequently come back together numerous times.

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