Former Frehley’s John Regan Passes Away, Cause of Death Unknown

John Regan, a renowned rock bassist, has passed away. John’s cause of passing away has not been made public yet.

Renowned Comet Bassist John Regan Passes Away

Regan has performed with Tod Howarth, drummer Anton Fig from Late Show along with David Letterman and unique guitarist Expert Frehley in the band that was called FREHLEY’S COMET. Peter Frampton, THE ROLLING STONES, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, David Lee Roth, Robin Trower, Billy Idol, and numerous others are among his recording credits.

John Regan Passes Away
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John stated in an interview with Songfacts in the year 2016 about how he works with well-known artists and that he has had the good fortune to collaborate with artists who did not dictate in any way. Moreover remembering, he added that he had consistently moved toward his commitment to a recording or live execution as one of the facilitators which means it is consistently in the very front of his psyche to attempt to play his bass parts to best serve the melody, vocalist and his kindred performers. He also said that working with Peter [Frampton] in particular is a pleasure in that regard and for pretty much 31 years, from the year 1979 through 2010, it was a distinction for him to make and play out his music.

About John’s Collaborations With Various Artits

John mentioned his collaborations with other artists in the studio that it has been nothing short of awe-inspiring and profoundly enjoyable to work in the studio with the likes of Frampton, Billy Idol, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, THE ROLLING STONES, Michael Monroe, and legendary producers like Eddie Kramer and Nile Rodgers, to name just a few. He added that simply put, there were times during each project when he had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Remembering receiving a call from Nile Rodgers, through his dear friend Rob Sabino, to stop by and replace a bass part on the song that David Bowie and Mick Jagger had recorded for Live Aid, was one experience that became a high point for John. Dancing on the Street, was a moment that John will never forget when he arrived at the studio to find Mick Jagger greeting him, even though that song had long been one of his favourites.

John also stated that his most vivid memory of that day is that it was one of those rare occasions when he laid down the bass track and could see Mick dancing around the studio, just getting into the music like he were onstage and it was like he were onstage. John also said that it was a powerful moment for him, and it made him realize how much Jagger was moved by the song’s power and how sincere his love of music must have been.

Regan and Howarth had both performed with FOUR BY FATE in recent years. The seeds for that band were established almost a long time back when Regan experienced Howarth while Tod was on a visit performing with Rowdy Lobby Of Famers Underhanded Move. Howarth and Regan were later joined by former SKID ROW drummer Rob Affuso and guitarist/songwriter Patrick James Gasperini (POUND, FLYWHEEL) in FOUR BY FATE.

John’s Friend Regan Remembers John

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that in the middle of the 1980s, Regan met Frehley at a friend’s recording studio in White Plains, New York. Regan became involved with FREHLEY’S COMET after the two met up for a jam session and played songs by LED ZEPPELIN and Jimi Hendrix. His residency with that band went on until around the year 1990.

John Regan Passes Away
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Gotten some information about Frehley, Regan told the Poughkeepsie Diary that in a good way, John is a con artist. He added that John was unique in a world full of copies and he was one of a kind.

Regan also mentioned the allure of KISS, the hard rock band known for their outrageous costumes and makeup: Getting a rock band and a circus on the same night was almost like that. It was an event, a multisensory experience, and a total immersion in a spectacle that no one else was experiencing.

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