Who Is Kristin Chenoweth’s Fiancé Josh Bryant? Know Everything About The Couple

In the latter half of 2021, Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth declared her engagement to longtime partner Josh Bryant. They have been relation for a long time. What is known about the actor’s fiance and their relationship is detailed below.

How Did Kristin Chenoweth And Josh Bryant First Met?

Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth have been in relations since 2018. At her niece’s wedding two years prior, the couple had first met. Backroad Anthem, Bryant’s band, played at the occasion. Later, the band performed at Chenoweth’s nephew’s wedding, and the two reconnected and started relation as a result. When COVID-19 shut down the world in 2020 and led people to spend more time at home, Chenoweth and Bryant, like many couples, got closer.

She explained how they were able to maintain their separation while spending so much time together: “He took a few walks on his own, as did I, because you can’t be with someone all the time. That is the reality. Nevertheless, we were able to somehow make it work.

Contrary to popular belief, Chenoweth’s future husband had only seen two Broadway productions before meeting her. The Wicked actress brought the performer to a showing of The Lion King when the theatres reopened. She joked, “I kept telling Josh to get ready, but we both cried.” I went to the premiere of The Lion King, and it is still quite wonderful.

Where Did Josh Bryant And Kristin Chenoweth Get Married?

In October 2021, the pair made their engagement public. Chenoweth was thrilled when Bryant got down on one knee on the roof of the Rainbow Room in New York City. In a joke to People, Chenoweth said, “I’ve been the runaway bride.” “I won’t let him go now that I’ve discovered him. I’ll move quickly to meet him at the altar. Bryant continued, “My love and greatest friend said yes to me! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Kristin since she is my universe and everything to me.

Kristin Chenoweth
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The Broadway Star’s Previous Relationships

Kristin Chenoweth has had other well-known relationships over the years besides her partnership with Josh Bryant. Previously, she was associated with the actors Marc Kudsich, Lane Garrison, Seth Green, and Aaron.

After meeting on the set of his popular television series The West Wing, Chenoweth and Sorkin started relationship and were together for four years. Even one of his characters from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip from 2006 took inspiration from her. Although the pair broke up in 2009, there is no animosity between them.

The actor was also engaged to producer Dana Brunetti, but they broke things off after barely a year of relationship. Us Weekly claims that the couple’s hectic schedules and prolonged time apart were factors in their breakup.

It was merely the distance, a reliable insider claimed. They hardly had time to see each other because Kristin had already travelled extensively and Dana’s business was taking off at the moment. He has to see his child in addition to producing House of Cards, giving conferences, and speaking. It just made no sense for any party to go on. Fans are surely interested in learning more information about Chenoweth and Bryant’s upcoming wedding because the couple appears content together.

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