Who is John Lydon’s Wife and What Happened to Her?

The 67-year-old singer, better known by his stage name Johnny Rotten, took care of his wife full-time and recently tried to sing a song about her for Ireland at Eurovision.

Who is John Lydon?

Lydon, John Joseph was born on 31st January of the year 1956 and he is a British singer-songwriter who is also known by his former stage name, Johnny Rotten. John Joseph Lydon was brought into the world in London by Eileen Mary and John Christopher Lydon, his father.

They were Irish working-class immigrants who lived in a two-room Victorian apartment on Benwell Road in the Holloway neighbourhood of north London.  He was the lead singer of the punk band in the late 1970s. The band was in existence from the year 1975 to 1978 and returned for several revivals in the 1990s and 2000s.

Nora Foster Passes Away From Disease

After battling Alzheimer’s disease for several years, Nora Forster, John Lydon’s wife, passed away at the age of 80. After his wife’s diagnosis, the 67-year-old singer, who goes by the stage name Johnny Rotten, was her full-time caregiver.

John Lydon's Wife
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He has endeavoured to address Ireland at the current year’s Eurovision with a tune devoted to Ms Forster with his band Public Picture Ltd (PiL). In a proclamation posted on Lydon’s Twitter, it was posted that they were deeply saddened to announce the passing of Nora Forster, John Lydon’s wife of nearly five decades.

The proclamation further added that Nora had been living with Alzheimer’s for quite a long time, and during that time, John had become her sole caregiver. It is also said to respect John’s sorrow and give him time to grieve. It concluded with telling that their deepest sympathies go out to John from Rambo and everyone at PiL Official.

How John is Feeling After Losing His Wife

The couple initially met in the year 1975 at the late craftsman Malcolm McLaren’s clothing shop he claimed with Vivienne Westwood in London. Lydon and Ms Forster were together for 45 years. Ms Forster is the daughter of wealthy German publisher Franz Karl Maier. She was likewise the mother of the late performer Ari-Up, most popular as an individual from the English underground rock band the Cuts, who kicked the bucket in the year 2010 after a difficult disease.

John Lydon's Wife
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In honour of a vacation the two of them shared, Lydon’s Eurovision Bid song was given the name Hawaii. John said during his Eurovision campaign that this was the beginning of a new journey and as he says in the song, old journeys end and some new begin again.

Remembering his wife, Jon said that despite the severity of Alzheimer’s, there were significant tender moments between them. In addition, he also made an effort to convey that the song, so is not all about the Grim Reaper. He added that she let him know that it was her communication skills that were failing, and he could see her personality in her eyes.

Going on, John said that fact that he could be there to catch on to that and possibly share that information as this progresses, as they know it will, to its ultimate sad demise, was something of a blessing to him.

The most prevalent form of dementia in the United Kingdom is Alzheimer’s disease, which is referred to as a set of symptoms indicating an ongoing decline in brain function. According to the NHS, the condition can affect memory, thinking skills, and other cognitive functions.

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