Man From UK Found Guilty of Murdering Pregnant Wife

The 31-year-old woman Fawziyah Javed was pushed off Edinburgh Hill by her 29-year-old husband Kashif Anwar, resulting in her and her unborn child’s deaths.

Man Pushes Pregnant Wife Off Hill Resulting in Her Death

For the murder of his pregnant wife, who was about to leave him when he pushed her away from Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, an abusive man was given a sentence of at least 20 years in prison.

After a six-day trial at the high court in Edinburgh, Kashif Anwar of Leeds was convicted of the murders of Fawziyah Javed and her unborn child in September of the year 2021.

When Javed was pushed from Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano that towers over Edinburgh, she was about 17 weeks pregnant. She fell 15 meters (50 feet) to the ground below, suffered several blunt force injuries, and eventually passed away.

Man Found Guilty of Murdering Pregnant Wife
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Moreover, she told witness Daniyah Rafique in her final words that her abusive husband Anwar was the one who carried out the fatal push telling her that he pushed her so don’t let his husband near her.

Rhiannon Clutton, a 35-year-old police officer, was informed by Javed at the scene that her husband committed the crime because Fawziyah told him that she wanted to end the marriage.

Anwar Gets 20 Years of Prison

Anwar received a mandatory life sentence from Judge Lord Beckett, which included a minimum of 20 years behind bars. He started to tell Anwar that he had been viewed as at fault for killing Fawziyah Javed, who was an exceptionally extraordinary individual.

The statement added that Fawziyah was Kashif’s pregnant spouse, and he likewise caused the passing of his unborn kid. When they went up to Arthur’s Seat, he told the killer that his victim had faith in him to keep her safe, but he pushed her off when no one else was around.

The judge stated that Yasmin Javed, Javed’s mother, had referred to her daughter as a popular woman who was a beautiful soul inside and out. The judge thanked the jurors for their admirable way of carrying out their duties after the outcome, and some of the jurors were crying.

What Javed’s Mother Said?

Javed’s mother stated in a statement that the extent of the pain and grief can simply not be adequately expressed and that there were no words in reference that dive sufficiently deep.

The court heard Anwar was heard in the clinic a month before the homicide and let Javed know that on the off chance that she kicked the bucket in labour, it would be alright as he would finally be free.

Man Found Guilty of Murdering Pregnant Wife
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After Anwar was overheard speaking with his wife at Leeds general infirmary on August 23, 2021, a midwife who worked as an employment lawyer discussed her concerns with Javed.

According to Elizabeth Petty, 41, a patient informed her that Javed was told it would be fine if he passed away during childbirth as she would be free.

When asked if that was what was said, the midwife told the jury that Leeds’ Javed had confirmed it was, and that she appeared scared and upset. Francesca Cooper, 34, had reported the conversation while she was in the bed next to Javed.

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