Who is Dr Pimple Popper’s Husband? Who is Sandra Lee’s husband Jeffrey Rebish?

Although Dr Pimple Popper’s videos of popping zits are disgusting, they are also oddly satisfying to watch. Despite the fact that they might make you feel uneasy, you can’t help but be mesmerized as she removes pilar cysts and gnarly blackheads. The stomach-churning videos that the dermatologist posted on Instagram and YouTube made her so well-liked that she was soon cast in her own TLC show. She may have a large following, but her personal life frequently takes a back seat to her pimple popping. How does Dr Pimple Popper spend her time at home? Is there a husband she has?

Who is Sandra Lee’s Husband?

Jeffrey Rebish, Sandra’s husband is also a dermatologist, but he does not have a well-known show. He and Lee own a dermatology practice as business partners. According to what he told in an interview, Rebish sees his patients in the office and handles the business and administrative aspects of the practice, while Lee handles the cosmetic aspects.

Sandra Lee's Husband
Image source- The Sun.com

Rebish stated that he does not watch his wife’s show because he would rather not see that stuff outside of the office, despite the fact that he fully supports his wife. As the show expands, Rebish occasionally handles her contracts and assists her. He also told in the interview that ultimately, he will always be involved in any way Sandra needs him to be because they were a team.

Rebish dislikes social media, but Lee stated that he would be willing to assist her with her regular postings, in contrast to Lee, whose popularity was derived from her online videos on social media.

Rebish told in an interview that during medical school in Philadelphia, where they both studied dermatology, he met her Sandra. Going on, Rebish stated that Sandra strolled into the room on direction day, and he realized immediately that she was the one for him. After graduating, the couple moved to Lee’s hometown in California, where they dated all through school.

Rebish Likes to Stay Out of Limelight

Lee kept her fame for popping pimples a secret for a long time. Refinery29 was informed by Rebish that he was unaware that she was becoming a social media sensation. He added that as far back as he could recollect, Sandra has been the sort of individual who can’t stay asleep from sundown to sunset, due to which she will be up on her phone while they were in bed.

Sandra Lee's Husband
Image source- The Sun.com

Rebish continued that Sandra was posting these videos of her surgeries to YouTube under this alias she created called Dr Pimple Popper, while also claiming that he thought his wife was playing video games or something.

Rebish continued to say that his wife didn’t come clean until she had a serious following and she informed him once YouTube began paying her and the videos started actually earning money. Moreover, he was not sure what to make of it because Dr. Pimple Popper following was still small at that point, with only about 5,000 subscribers.

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