Why Are Heidi Klum Along With Her Co-Judges of America’s Got Talent Facing Backlash?

Heidi Klum Faces Backlash For Her April Fools Prank

An April Fools’ Day prank was pulled by Heidi Klum and her America’s Got Talent co-stars Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara in which Klum pretended to be pregnant. While Heidi wore slippers and an all-black ensemble, on the other hand, Sofia Vergara was seen in a black robe as she pretended to kiss the baby’s bump.

Heidi Klum Facing Backlash
Image source- The Mirror UK.com

“Congratulations” was the caption for the post. I and my coworkers @sofiavergara are the first to learn. AGT.” The picture that received backlash had been instantly reposted by Sofia on her official Instagram social media account. The caption of her post stated that Sofia was very excited and was all set to become an aunt to Heidi’s child.

According to The Mirror, Heidi pretended to kiss Howie, and Howie also showed off his stomach. She was not, however, pregnant because she no longer had her baby bump. “From me to you:” she wrote. Congratulations,” which was concluded by a sticker related to April Fool’s Day.

Due to their April Fools’ Day prank, Heidi Klum and her co-judges from America’s Got Talent are receiving a significant amount of criticism on social media. Heidi took part in a prank she thought was harmless. However, it appears that her fans and followers did not appreciate the joke, and they have taken it upon themselves to criticize her.

How Fans Reacted to Heidi’s Prank?

Fans and internet users did not enjoy the out-of-date prank. One fan wrote “Excuse me, it’s 2023! And that this was not funny for so many people. “NOT FUNNY – goodbye!” said another fan.

Heidi Klum Facing Backlash
Image source- Pinkvilla.com

Another follower explained why they thought the joke was inappropriate. The fan stated that she loved Heidi and if she is truly pregnant, that she was so glad for herself and Tom! However, so many women, like her, were unable to conceive, and such jokes are like a punch in the face. The user concluded by saying that Heidi should stop if that’s just an April joke.

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