Who Is Andrew Dodson? How Did He Pass Away?

A high school football player from Kentucky passed away a few days after getting hurt in the cranium during a spring football practice. On Friday, the last day of spring practice, Pulaski County football player Andrew Dodson suffered an injury. The state athletics organization reported that he was hospitalized and passed away on Monday.

Andrew Dodson
Andrew Dodson; image credit – LEX18

Tribute To Andrew Dodson

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association stated on Twitter to acknowledge the young man’s passing and to express their condolences to his family, friends, teammates, and the complete KHSAA family. No words, according to the claim, can explain or excuse tragedies like these. They merely requested calm and solace for him and those around him. Additionally, they urged everyone to reach out to family and friends so that they could go through this trying time together and process all the feelings that come with losing a companion, child, or teammate. They are aware that they will never forget his fortitude, his love of all things Pulaski County, and his steadfast convictions regarding this life and the next. On social media, there was a flood of support for Andrew, his family, and his squad, including condolences from Mark Stoops, the football coach at the University of Kentucky.

Andrew Dodson’s Father

Before being taken to the hospital, Andrew was tackled by a colleague, according to Andrew’s father Alan Dodson, who spoke to the Lexington Herald-Leader. A well-known pastor in Kentucky, Alan Dodson was formerly the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Lexington. According to Kentucky Today, he left his position with the Kentucky Baptist Convention last fall to take a new job, but doing so enabled his family to continue living in Somerset. Although Pulaski County possesses an athletic doctor, it is not yet known if the trainer attended the game. The school did not quickly respond to a comment request. Pulaski County public schools are presently off for spring break. High Street Baptist Church’s pastor, Brandon Carrier, claims that Andrew Dodson would frequently help there. Carrier claims that Andrew was involved in numerous church organizations and was frequently spotted assisting in Somerset.

Other Athletes Who Passed Away

Aaron “Mick” Crawford passed away in Knott County in August after assisting with the cleaning following flooding in Eastern Kentucky. His mother claimed that although the cause of the demise was listed as a flood, her son became sick after helping flood victims and spent several days on a ventilator before passing away. However, it has been almost three years since Matthew Mangine Jr. passed away on a pitch in Kentucky when he fell on June 16, 2020. A wrongful died lawsuit brought by Mangine’s family was resolved in February. His folks established a non-profit to improve high school sports safety.

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