The Story of Vladlen Tatarsky: From Bank Robber to Military Blogger and His Mysterious Demise

Vladlen Tatarsky was a Russian military blogger known for his controversial opinions on the Ukrainian crisis. He was born in Kursk, Russia, in 1987, and according to reports, he was a convicted bank robber before he began his career as a blogger. Tatarsky’s life took an unexpected turn when he moved to Ukraine and started his military blogging career.

Who was Vladlen Tatarsk?

His criminal activities marked Tatarsky’s life before moving to Ukraine. He reportedly spent time in prison for bank robbery and was involved in other illegal activities. However, after moving to Ukraine, Tatarsky turned his life around and became a famous military blogger. He wrote about the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia and was known for his controversial opinions.

Tatarsky’s Life in Ukraine

Tatarsky’s move to Ukraine was motivated by his desire to serve as a volunteer in the Ukrainian army. He was reportedly impressed by how Ukrainians had stood up to Russian aggression and wanted to join their struggle. He started his blogging career by writing about his experiences as a volunteer in the Ukrainian army. Tatarsky’s blog gained a following and became known for his critical views on Russia’s role in the conflict.

The Circumstances Surrounding His Demise

In June 2022, Tatarsky was found dead in his apartment in Kyiv. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, and there are conflicting reports about the cause of death. Some reports suggest he was murdered, while others claim he died of natural causes. Tatarsky’s death was met with shock and sadness in Ukraine, and many people speculated that he was targeted because of his controversial views.

The Aftermath of Tatarsky’s Death

Tatarsky’s death sparked an outpouring of grief in Ukraine, and many people took to social media to express their condolences. Ukrainian officials said their condolences to Tatarsky’s family and called for an investigation into his death. The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) launched an investigation into Tatarsky’s death, and they are reportedly looking into all possible causes of death, including murder. The study is ongoing, and it remains to be seen what the outcome will be.

In conclusion, Vladlen Tatarsky’s life was marked by a dramatic transformation from a bank robber to a military blogger. He gained a following in Ukraine for his controversial views on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. His mysterious death in June 2022 has left many people wondering what happened, and there are ongoing investigations to determine the cause of death. Tatarsky’s legacy as a military blogger and his impact on the Ukrainian conflict will be remembered by many.

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