About Musician Peter Frampton’s Illness

Four years after being diagnosed with inclusion body myositis, Frampton announced his retirement from touring.

About Frampton’s Illness

Frampton told fans in February of the year 2019 that he was going to stop touring as he had been diagnosed with inclusion body myositis, which is a degenerative muscle disorder that would eventually make it impossible for him to play the guitar.

Peter Frampton's Illness
Image source- Guitar.com

However, later that same year, he told PEOPLE that he was feeling great and that he felt some progression, particularly in his legs. He added that the illness started to hurt his hands and arms a little, but it doesn’t really affect how he played, so he still enjoyed playing, but he had no idea how long.

Talking about the progression, Frampton added that it was very slow, but it’s more the fact that he was having trouble standing, walking, and things like that, rather than playing the guitar. The musician continued that it was affecting everything. He has not stopped touring, but he has continued to perform, most recently at a festival in Las Vegas in January and he also gave a few shows across Europe last year.

Peter Made an Appearance After Illness

At the 2023 CMT Music Awards, Peter Frampton made a rare appearance to introduce a tribute performance to the late Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 71. Frampton announced a tribute performance to Lynyrd Skynyrd following Rossington’s death on Sunday at the awards show in Austin, Texas, four years after announcing he had been diagnosed with inclusion body myositis, a degenerative muscle disorder.

Frampton Pays Tribute To His Friend

Frampton added that he was here tonight to pay tribute to his beloved tourmate and friend who passed away recently. Remembering his friends, Frampton added that all the Skynyrd bandmates are now in rock and roll heaven, but they will all always enjoy their music. Cody Johnson, Billy Gibbons, Paul Rodgers, Slash, Chuck Leavell, Warren Haynes, Wynonna Judd, and LeAnn Rimes took the stage following his introduction to perform “Simple Man” and “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Peter Frampton's Illness
Image source- Guitar.com

On March 5, the Southern rock group posted a statement on their Facebook page announcing Rossington’s passing. The band began that they have lost their brother, friend, family member, songwriter, and guitarist, Gary Rossington, and they were deeply saddened and gave their deepest sympathy to his family.

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