Shaughna Phillips Of Love Island Was “Traumatized” After Being Rushed To The Hospital And Not Feeling The Infant Move  

Shaughna has discussed her impending birth and decreased activity during her pregnancy. Shaughna Phillips opened up about her recent, “traumatizing,” medical visit during pregnancy when her baby’s movement slowed down.

Is Shaughna Phillips Expecting Her First Child?

The Love Island actress, 28, is expecting her first child with partner Billy Webb, 29, and has opened up about her pregnancy experiences, particularly how difficult it was to adjust to her changing body. The reality TV star has revealed she has scheduled an abortion after going past her due date of March 25 and is now anticipating meeting her unborn child.

Shaughna also disclosed that she had been rushed to the hospital a few weeks earlier after her baby ceased moving.The celebrity claimed in her column for OK! that she went to the hospital after noticing decreased movement but that fortunately, everything “turned out to be ok.”

But when a doctor asked her about induction, she was left in a panic as she was confronted with the possibility of giving birth to her child. She said, “The doctor told me they would induce me because I was 38 weeks pregnant.”

Baby Didn’t Move For A While

Shaughna Phillips
Source: mirror

They kept me overnight and placed me in a post-natal ward where babies had already been born despite the fact that I told them I didn’t feel ready to give birth because “it massively made me panic.” Shaughna stated that the experience was “traumatizing” and that she felt “pushed into getting an induction when [she] wasn’t ready.”

However, the star was given additional pregnancy choices after spending the night in the hospital. I now know I have other choices, and I’m certainly prepared for the baby to arrive, she continued, thanking the other doctor who visited the following day.

Prior to her Sunday induction, Shaughna has asked followers on Instagram to refrain from sending her any “horror stories.” Polite request, she wrote in a message on her Instagram story. Please don’t email me your harrowing tales of being induced or your arguments as to why it’s bad for my baby for me to be induced.

“I recognise your well-intentioned efforts, but it is not helpful.” You understand the anxiety I already feel as a first-time mother, so the last thing I need to hear are stories of terrible situations or being called a bad mother. I appreciate all the kind notes you have sent; they far outweigh the unkind ones.

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