Raven Ross From “Love Is Blind” Appears To Have Posted The First Photo Of Her New Boyfriend Following Her Breakup With SK

The new picture comes after Raven Ross told PEOPLE in February that her new relationship is “going well” and that she has “gone on quite a few dates” since her separation from costar Sikiru “SK” Alagbada.

What Happened To Raven Ross?

The 30-year-old Love Is Blind actress secretly uploaded an Instagram picture from her recent journey to Philadelphia that appears to show her new boyfriend. In the photograph, the two were tightly positioned as Raven glanced up at her partner’s face, which was obscured by a hat and glasses.

Ross’s most recent image follows her February statement to PEOPLE that she has “gone on quite a few dates” since divorcing co-star Sikiru “SK” Alagbada.

She revealed, “Actually, the man I’m relations right now sent me a message on Instagram. “It’s not that old. But, knock on wood, things are proceeding well. Ross continued, wishing for a future proposal and manifesting “a great, long-term relationship” with her new partner.

“I firmly believe that being very precise always produces positive results. But this year, I’m going to get married. I genuinely believe that I am, she said. I’ll state it out loud: I genuinely believe I’ll get engaged this year. I mean, [he’s] certainly the front-runner, she continued.

During season three of Love Is Blind, 34-year-old Ross and her ex-fiance grew close in the pods. Although she said yes to his marriage proposal, the almost-bride ultimately walked away from the ceremony due to misunderstandings regarding their respective cultures and worries about sustaining a long-distance union.

Are They Two In Relationship?

Raven Ross
Source: BuzzFeed

As they were shooting the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special, the two later reconciled and got engaged a second time. However, after he was charged with adultery, they broke up once more.

Alagbada told PEOPLE that he was accepting “full accountability” for speaking with another woman in a “inappropriate” manner, despite originally disputing the fidelity claims.

“This is not a journey of apology. It’s really about me taking accountability for my acts, accepting responsibility, and just using what I’ve learned from this experience to further my personal development, he said. I sincerely regret the pain and humiliation I have caused Raven and want to apologise to her.

I’m not proud of how I handled myself, he continued. I acted in a manner that has me pausing to think about what I did. Netflix releases brand-new chapters of Love Is Blind every Friday.

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