Brian Gillis: 90s Boy Band LFO Co-Founder, Passed Away At The Age Of 47

The demise of Brian Gillis, best known by his stage name “Brizz,” a member of the American boy band LFO, has left the music industry without a gifted musician and songwriter. On March 29, 2023, at the age of 47, he passed away as a result of complications from a rare medical disease. Despite his health issues, Gillis persisted in his love of music and maintained an upbeat outlook.

Brian Gillis Cause Of Demise

According to a Variety story, musician Brian “Brizz” Gillis passed away on Wednesday. He was best known for being the co-founder of the 1990s boy band LFO. He was 47. Brad Fischetti, a fellow LFO founder member, was the first to announce the information in the media. Fischetti acknowledged Gillis’ passing on Thursday in a lengthy, tearful Instagram message, but he withheld further information.

“Chapters make up every narrative. Some grow organically. Some of them require mental cutting up. Yesterday, a key character from the first two parts of the LFO story passed away. Brian “Brizz” Gillis is no more. He wrote alongside a black and white photo of Gillis, “I don’t have specifics and it wouldn’t be my place to share them if I did.

Gillis, Fischetti, and the late Rich Cronin founded LFO, also known as Lyte Funkie Ones, in Massachusetts in 1995. The band has sold over 4 million albums to date and is well-known for the hits “Summer Girls” and “Girl On TV,” but tragedy and a number of breakups and reunions have overshadowed their success. Gillis battle with cancer is Honorable.

Tribute To Brizz

Brian Gillis
Source: hollywood life

“Today I honour my former bandmate and friend, Brizz,” he continued in the statement. You would be aware of what Brian meant to LFO if you had seen the band and I perform it live or if you had viewed the LFO Story livestream. The LFO you came to know and (hopefully) adore would not exist if it weren’t for his labour of love and commitment in the first two chapters during LFO’s formative years.

Fischetti continues by stating that although his relationship with Gillis had its challenges, it ultimately brought him pleasure. He taught me a lot about the music industry and how to plan and rock a concert. I’ll rely on those aspects of our relationship that are good now and eternally, he added.

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