Who was Pope Francis? What Happened To Him?

To treat a respiratory infection, Pope Francis, 86, was taken to a hospital in Rome on Wednesday. In a statement, Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni stated that Pope Francis has recently reported some breathing issues. The pope was checked out at the Gemelli hospital in Rome, where it was discovered that he had a respiratory illness that needed a few days of proper hospital medical care. The Vatican had previously stated that Francis was recently admitted “for some prior arranged checks” earlier in the day.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis; image credit – NBC news

Pope Francis: Head Of The Catholic Church

The pope, who celebrated his tenth anniversary as head of the Catholic Church this month, was previously seen to be in high spirits during his weekly audience with the faithful at the Vatican. He smiled as he welcomed them from his “popemobile.” He was seen frowning as he was assisted into the car, though, and the Italian media claimed that he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Pope Francis is moved by the numerous messages he has received and thanks everyone for their prayers and friendship.

The pope’s meetings for the morning of Thursday were postponed. The Argentine pontiff has recently been confined to a wheelchair due to his ongoing knee discomfort. Pope Francis admitted that he required slowing down in a July 2022 conversation after having to cancel or limit engagements on multiple occasions last year due to knee pain. His health has frequently been the focus of rumors, especially the one about whether he will adhere to his predecessor’s lead and step down if he is unable to continue.

The world was shocked in 2013 when eminent German theologian Benedict XVI, the first pope to quit since the Middle Ages, announced his resignation. Before Benedict’s passing on December 31, the two “men in white” coexisted within the boundaries of the small Vatican state for nearly ten years.

Pope Francis’s Health Issues

Francis declared that if his health prevented him from performing his duties, he would follow Benedict and resign. He had surgery on his colon at The Gemelli in July 2021 after developing a specific type of diverticulitis, a swelling of pockets that form in the lining of the gut. He spent 10 days in the infirmary. He acknowledged a year later that he was still dealing with the aftereffects of the surgery’s six hours of anesthesia. When Francis was 21 years old, pleurisy, an infection of the lung’s surrounding tissues, nearly claimed his life. In October 1957, a portion of one of his organs was removed.

Pope Francis’s Tour

Francis is still able to travel extensively despite his advanced age and health issues. His recent visits to South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo were welcomed by sizable crowds, which is evidence of his enduring popularity. Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Hungary next month and have a meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orban. He has been working to create an image of a more accepting, compassionate Church over the last ten years, but he has encountered internal resistance, especially from conservatives.

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