How Did Harris Faulkner Meet Her Husband?

Harris Faulkner is a well-known newscaster who has won several awards for her work in journalism. However, not much is known about her personal life, including her husband, Tony Berlin. 

Who is Harris Faulkner?

Before we dive into Tony Berlin’s life, let’s first explore Harris Faulkner’s rise to fame. Faulkner started her career in journalism in 1992, working as a freelance business writer and reporter for LA Weekly. She later worked for several other news outlets, including KCOP-TV, WDAF-TV, and KSTP-TV.

Image source- The Republic Monitor

Faulkner joined Fox News as a journalist in 2005 and eventually became the weekend host of Fox Report. She began co-hosting Outnumbered, a Fox News daytime news and chat show, in 2014. Faulkner has received several honours for her work, including six Emmy Awards.

Who is Harris Faulkner husband?

Tony Berlin was born on September 23, 1968, in Los Angeles, California. He attended the University of Southern California, where he studied broadcast journalism. Berlin began his career in journalism as a reporter and anchor for local news stations in California and Missouri.

In the early 2000s, Berlin moved to Washington, D.C. and began working as a political reporter for NBC News. He later worked as a correspondent for Good Morning America and as a host for several shows on HGTV and the Travel Channel.

Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin’s Love Story

Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin met in 2001 while working at a news station in Minneapolis. At the time, Faulkner was a newscaster, and Berlin was a media relations executive. The two hit it off and began dating shortly thereafter.

Faulkner and Berlin got married in 2003 and have been together ever since. The couple has two daughters together, Bella and Danika. Faulkner has often spoken publicly about her love and admiration for Berlin, calling him her “rock” and “partner in everything.”

Tony Berlin’s Life Today

Today, Tony Berlin is a successful media relations executive and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Berlin Media Relations, a public relations firm that works with high-profile clients in the entertainment and media industries. Berlin is also the co-founder of Inspired Cases, a company that makes custom phone cases and donates a portion of its profits to charity.

Despite his busy career, Berlin is still very much a family man. He and Harris Faulkner have been married for almost 20 years and are often seen together at events and on social media. Berlin is also a devoted father to his two daughters and enjoys spending time with them whenever he can.

In conclusion, Tony Berlin may not be as well-known as his wife, Harris Faulkner, but he is a successful and accomplished individual in his own right. From his early career in journalism to his current role as a media relations executive and entrepreneur, Berlin has proven to be a dedicated and hardworking professional. His love story with Faulkner is also a testament to the power of true love and partnership.

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