Filipino Actress Angela Perez Passed Away Due to a Stroke at 55

Angela Perez passed away on March 29 from complications of a stroke. The ’80s actress turned 55. Tito Boy reported the news on Thursday’s episode of Fast Talk with Boy Abunda. Angela co-starred with her co-star Carmi Her Martin in the 1983 film La Luan.

Who Was Angela Perez?

The Filipino actress Angela Perez was born on 18th June in the year 1967 and was considered one of the most beautiful actresses of the 80’s era. Angela’s real name is Rowena Mora and she got the stage name, Angela, due to her resemblance to Italian actress Pier Angeli.

Angela Perez Passed Away
Image source- ABS

At the age of 16 years old, Angela was introduced to her film Laruan in the year 1983 by Falcon Films (Viva Films’ sister film company). Perez entered the entertainment industry in the 1980s and she rose to fame in the 80s era when she starred alongside Carmi Martin in the film called “Laruan” by Falcon Films which was released in the year 1983.

She has acted in over 20 films and one of the most controversial films that she starred in was Cine Suertes Alexandra, which was released in theatres on 4th April of the year 1986. About Angela, Alexandra’s director Elwood Perez said that she was his box office standout and critically acclaimed her.

How Angela Perez Passed Away?

Angela Perez passed away suddenly on 23rd March at the age of 55 due to a stroke. Her daughter Issa announced the sad news in her official social media post. The post showed Issa showing love towards her late mother. Issa wrote that she loved her mama very much and she missed her mother being her side as she was used to cuddling her. She went on to say that her mother was the love of her life and that she will always be by her side.

 Angela Perez Passed Away
Image source- Daily

Moreover, she sadly expressed in the post that she was always together with her mother and she was not used to not being by her side or holding her when she was not near. She stated that losing her mother and the love of her life hurt her the most and she cried and trembled and was still very sad. After the died of the Filipino actress, her friends and her family expressed their heartfelt condolences on her social media platforms.

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