Who is Glynn Neal and What Happened To Him?

The U.S. senator recently suffered a possible brain hemorrhage and a collapsed lung from a stabbing injury that occurred Saturday, according to a police affidavit confirmed by the CBS news channel.

Who is Glynn Neal And What Happened To Me?

The victim Glynn Neal is an associate of Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, who attacked and stabbed Phil Todd as he exited a restaurant in northeastern Washington, DC. A police affidavit said Todd and the suspect did not know each other. As detailed in the affidavit, Todd’s testimony to police suggests that the sting operation was accidental, and Todd said the suspect had told him before the attack.

Glynn Neal
Image source- The Washington Times.com

A police affidavit states that during the attack on Todd, Neil jumped up and stabbed Todd in the head and torso. According to police reports, a friend of Todd’s helped push Neil away from Todd, allowing Todd and his friends to escape and escape.

What did The Police Reports Said?

Police reports said officers found a bloody knife near the scene of the crime. According to the affidavit, Todd was stabbed in the left side of his head and the knife “probably entered the skull and caused an intracerebral hemorrhage.” Moreover, Todd had also received another deep stab wound to the left side of his torso, puncturing his lung.

Police said Todd would have to go through initial surgery to deal with his damaged lung and a possible internal brain hemorrhage. The police report said that after a neurological consultation, Todd would undergo surgery to treat a possible brain hemorrhage. A second surgery is planned.

According to police reports, investigators linked Neil to a cell phone found near the crime scene. When police arrived at his home to question Neil, he found an injury to his lip and a fresh-looking minor injury, his affidavit said.

The attack on Todd is his second high-profile attack by a repeat offender suspect near or on the Capitol this year. A DC man with a criminal record has been charged with a federal crime in February after he allegedly assaulted Rep. Angie Craig, a Democrat representing the Minnesota Second Circuit, in an elevator at Craig’s Capitol Hill apartment compl

Glynn Neal
Image source- The Cheasapeake Today.com

Know More About It

DC Court filings show Neal is being charged with assault for attempted murder in Superior Court. Court filings also showed Neil was recently serving a 12-year sentence for another of his DC felonies. Neil appeared in Washington D. Superior Court on April 6th. Last weekend, an employee of mine was attacked in broad daylight in Washington, D.C.,” Paul said in a statement Monday. He thanked the hospital staff and police for their hard work and said that they were relieved to hear that the suspect has been arrested.

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