Lady Gaga Makes Her Joker 2 Has A Harley Quinn

Lady Gaga, who was earlier reported to have joined Joaquin Phoenix in the follow-up to 2019’s Joker, has made her first appearance as the more realistic Harley Quinn in the film. It was only a matter of time before the two actors in costume and character were observed because Joker: Folie à Deux is currently filming in and around New York City and Newark, New Jersey. Gaga did not let us down.

The Ever Gorgeous

Though James Gunn’s shared universe has replaced the Zack Snyder-produced “DCEU” pictures as the centre of the DC cinematic universe, a hypothetical follow-up to Todd Phillips’ hugely successful R-rated take on the Batman villain has always been a dream for the director.

But would Joker 2’s star, Joaquin Phoenix, who earned an Oscar for his portrayal of the disturbed Arthur Fleck, come back? How was Phillips able to follow up on such a sober reading of the comic book material? Would it work with a restarted DCU? Yes, provided that things started to get strange, was the response to every query. And they’re becoming strange.

Following Arthur Fleck’s anarchic outburst at the conclusion of the first Joker, Folie à Deux picks up with Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck. However, Phillips has hinted that the sequel is truly a full-fledged musical. While Margot Robbie was effective in bringing Harley Quinn to life in Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, Gaga steps in to give the love interest of the Joker a fresh perspective.

Debut Has A Joker
Lady gaga

She has the vocal range to perform any surreal musical. The film has been formally categorised as a “Elseworlds” production, taking place outside the continuity, so none of it will be constrained by what Gunn and his collaborators are up to elsewhere in the DC Universe.

The plot of Joker 2 is largely unknown, but set pictures show that Gaga’s Harley has a group of supporters who are there to show support as she is led into the courtroom by police. A pre-Jokerized version of the character—more of a Harleen Frances Quinzel than a full-blown Harley Quinn—was shown in an earlier close-up character reveal, which Phillips shared on Instagram on Valentine’s Day. However, this time, the character is seen with makeup and hair that complete the lewk.

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