Everything You Need To Know About Singer Kaya Stewart?

In the 26th March episode of the famous singing show “American Idol,” Kaya Stewart will try out for the judges. Anything you need to know about the excellent vocalist with the well-known father has been listed below.

Who is Kaya Stewart?

Born to musician Dave Stewart, Kaya Stewart is an English-American singer and songwriter who was born on 28th February of the year 2000. In the year 2015, she released her first-ever debut single called “In Love with.” Although Kaya Stewart was born in Britain, she and her half-brothers Sam and Django were born as well as brought up in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Kaya Stewart
Image source- USA Today.com

She has Indya, who is her sister and Kaya’s father is the songwriter-producer-musician Dave Stewart, who is best known as a member of the 1980s band Eurythmics, and her mother is the Dutch photographer Anoushka Fisz. Stewart often performed for her family and friends while growing up in a musical home. She has claimed that Annie Lennox, a close friend of her father, has greatly influenced her. Moreover, Kaya has received guidance from Lennox, a former Eurythmics bandmate.

Kaya’s Disorder Led to Her First Album?

According to Kaya, who spoke with Hashtag Magazine, she received an obsessive-compulsive disorder diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her most recent album was produced as a result of her diagnosis. She told the site that she had this life-changing diagnosis that explained so much to her and that it was the oddest time of her life. She went on to add that she was not going to record an album, she was considering taking a short hiatus.

When she called her dad, he suggested to her that why don’t she just come to Nashville and record a few songs with him. In the year 2016, the 23-year-old artist launched her studio album of the same name. Recently in the year 2021, she released the EP Miss Kaya and later in the year 2022, Kaya issued a 10-song album which was called “If Things Go South.”

Kaya Stewart
Image source- Hollywood Life.com

Moreover, Kaya also admitted to “All Access Music” in the year 2015 that Annie and her dad’s live performances have always motivated and fascinated her. Speaking about him, Kaya added that he was and continues to be such a fantastic singer. Whereas speaking about Annie, Kaya said that she has always been drawn to Annie’s performances because of her passion.

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