Kayleigh Scott: Trans Flight Attendant Famed For United Airlines Passed Away At The Age Of 25

In 2020, Kayleigh Scott gained notoriety when United used her in its diversity promotion. 

After sharing an emotional message on her social media accounts, Kayleigh Scott, a transgender flight attendant who rose to prominence after appearing in a United Airlines commercial, passed away. The Independent claims that the 25-year-old was discovered she is no more in her Colorado residence on Monday. She wrote a heartbreaking message to her friends and family that she posted on Facebook and Instagram, asking them to think back on the “good memories we have shared.”

Her Last Message

I would like to apologise to everyone I let down as I take my last breath and leave this living planet, Scott wrote. “I sincerely apologise for not being better. I apologise to those I adore for not being able to be stronger. I apologise for not getting anything in return for those who gave it their all. Please be aware that my departure has nothing to do with you and is instead the result of my own failure to change for the better, the flight attendant said.

Scott apologised in her post and listed a few of her loved ones, adding, “I will see you all again on the other side.” After posting the letter, Scott’s mother, Andrea Sylvestro, verified that her daughter had passed away. Kayleigh Scott, I am so incredibly proud to have you as my daughter, proud and amazed by everything you have done in your life. Your smile was absolutely beautiful, your laughter was unbelievably contagious, and your heart was bigger than any of us could have ever understood, Ms. Sylvestro wrote in a Facebook post.

Kayleigh Scott
Source: ABC news

Kayleigh Scott Cause Of Demise

The Denver Police Department is currently looking into Scott’s passing, according to The Independent. The Denver Medical Examiner’s office will make the ultimate determination regarding the cause of demise, according to the police. United Airlines expressed its sorrow over Scott’s passing separately. The business expressed its “deepest condolences” to Kayleigh Scott’s family, friends, and colleagues following her tragic demise.

In particular, Kayleigh Scott gained notoriety in 2020 when United included her in its diversity promotion. She discussed the value of living honestly and coming out in the Trans Day of Visibility video. She stated, “All I wanted to do was blend in,” and added, “I used to be so embarrassed about being trans.”

The following year, Ms. Scott also discussed her development since coming out as tran****ual in public. She had made mention of having melancholy. “I’m having a hard time finding joy and optimism. I’m pleading with 2023 to treat me better. Please,” she pleaded, according to the source.

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