Who Was Michael Milmerstadt?

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced that one of its own would be leaving. Following a brain injury, deputy Michael Milmerstadt is currently on life support.

What Happened to Michael Milmerstadt?

After a workout at the gym on Monday, OCSO Deputy Michael Milmerstadt developed a severe headache. According to the authorities, Milmerstadt’s headache was eventually found to be severe brain damage. He recently suffered a severe brain injury and is now being kept alive by a machine. The sheriff’s office provided an update on Milmerstadt’s status on Thursday, noting that his family had bid him farewell while he was still receiving life support. The family’s wish, according to the sheriff’s office, is for him to donate his organs to save the lives of others and keep him alive through others.

What did His Family and Co-Workers Wish For?

The sheriff’s family’s wish, according to the sheriff’s office, is for him to donate his organs to save the lives of others. They stated in an official statement that they regret to inform all that Deputy Michael Milmerstadt’s family has bid him farewell. Moreover, the statement told that they wanted Mike to donate his organs so that others can have a chance at life, thus he is still on life support.

During a workout at the gym, Deputy Michael Milmerstadt allegedly experienced a severe headache, according to OCSO. According to authorities, this was eventually determined to be a severe brain injury. Mike has worked as a member of the Community Oriented Policing Squad for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for seven years (COPS).

Deep sadness': Deputy on life support after suffering brain injury while training
image source- WLBT.com

He is also an outstanding SWAT team member for the organization and an excellent teacher, especially in defensive techniques. The Sheriff Officer’s department staged that in this very terrible time, they were all embracing Melanie, the boys, and the rest of Mike’s family. They stood with them as they were undoubtedly facing a difficult path ahead. Milmerstadt is married with three children and family members claim he is the only source of income for them.

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