Who Is Amber Lewis’s Husband? Find Out Everything About Amber Lewis And Mike Lewis

Welsh guitarist Mike Lewis is the spouse of Amber Lewis and a member of the group No Devotion. In the past, Mike shared the stage with disgraced artist Ian Watkins.

Amber Lewis
Amber Lewis; image credit – FamilyNation

Amber Lewis’s Married Life

In September 2006, Amber and Mike shared vows to become husband and wife. In 2023, the pair will mark their 17th wedding anniversary. Mike revealed in a tweet from 2012 that Nothing Else Matters by Metallica was playing as his bride entered the church. In 2003, while Amber was still enrolled in UCLA’s interior design program, she met Mike. She stopped attending school after landing a full-time position and didn’t finish her degree.

When she met Mike, the interior decorator was 22 years old. She traveled to several countries in Europe and Japan while traveling with the Welsh singer on his world tour. Amber hasn’t said when she and Mike began courting, but they were living under the same roof in 2004. Before purchasing their house in 2010, the couple spent six years renting a flat in Santa Monica.

Amber Lewis’s Daughter

Gwyneth Lewis is the name of the daughter of Mike and Amber Lewis. Gwyneth, who was born on September 13, 2009, is now 13 years old. When the teenager was born, her parents were going through a difficult time. Her father’s touring musical career was about to come to an end, her mother had just been dismissed from her job, and the family still owed a mortgage on their house. Gwyneth was just 18 months old when Amber launched Amber Interiors Inc., her first business.

Shortly after, her parents’ company flourished as a result of increased customer demand brought on by favorable word of mouth. Amber made her daughter a personalized room for her 12th birthday. She used Anewall Wallpaper to adorn the space and painted it in vibrant hues. Gwyneth also selected a tera armchair and a penny cot.

Amber Lewis’s Early Life

Mike Lewis and Amber Designs are four years apart in age. She was born on September 17, 1981, in Honolulu, and is now 41 years old. On August 17, 1977, Mike was born in Pontypridd, Wales. At the moment of writing, he is 45 years old. Amber was born in Hawaii, but her family soon relocated to Woodland Hills, where she was brought up with her three brothers. Lewis developed an interest in house interior design while growing up and observing her father, a builder, in action. When she first began assisting her father at work, she was about eight years old.

Amber Lewis’s Career

The blogger and interior decorator hails from Calabasas, California. In 2010, she established her business, Amber Designs Inc., and began blogging about her creations. Her blog as well as her interior design business both flourished as a result of positive word of mouth from customers. The business offers services varying from complete makeovers to home remodeling. Amber Lewis started her second business, Boutique Amber Interiors, in October 2013, and it quickly became the “go-to” choice for customers all over California.

In moreover to her interior design work, Amber has over 1.8 million fans on social media. She also wrote a novel in 2017 titled The California Eclectic. The Family Nation has also extensively covered Michel Smith Boyd, an interior decorator for HGTV.

Lewis’ singing career began with the group Public Disturbance. He entered Lostprophets in 2000 as a guitarist after the band split up. In addition to Ian Watkins, Lee Gaze, Ilan Rubin, Luke Johnson, Stuart Richardson, and DJ Stepzak, the ensemble was founded in Pontypridd, Wales, in 1997. Liberation Transmission by Lostprophets reached number one on the UK Charts in 2006. Similar to this, their 2012 release Weapons peaked in the UK Charts’ top 10. After the main singer Ian Watkins admitted to sexually assaulting a minor, the band split up in 2012.

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