Gunter Nezhoda Passed Away at 67 After Battling With Cancer

Gunter Nezhoda, the star of the famous “Storage Wars,” passed away in his sleep, according to his son’s Instagram post that was uploaded on March 22.

Who Was Gunter Nezhoda?

Photographer and occasional actor Gunter Nezhoda held both professions. He was best known for his recurrent part on the A&E television show “Storage Wars,” in which he and other cast members bid on repossessions of storage units in the aim of searching through everything and discovering something useful. Between the years 2015 to 2019, he made an appearance on the programme. His son, who was also on the cast, spoke highly of his father.

Hunter’s Son Informed About His Passing Away News

Rene Nezhoda, the popular competitive bidder’s only child posted a video on his official Instagram account informing his fans about Hunter’s passing away. Rebel informed in the video that Hunter passed away in his sleep peacefully due to suffering from complications from the deadly disease, lung cancer.

He further went on to explain that he was only doing this video because a lot of people related to his father. He added that in “Storage Wars,” his dad was one of the characters that never truly faced criticism and everyone on the staff loved being around him. Rene also said in the video that anybody who worked with his dad adored him and he posted about Hunter’s passing away because many people have recently inquired about his father.

What Else Is The Video Informed?

The video went on with Rene telling that although his family kept it hidden and believed he would fully recover, he didn’t. He added that he appreciated all the support and that a lot of people had asked him how his dad was doing and that he had not talked about anything. Rene Nezhoda expressed gratitude to everybody who had helped his father.

Rene added that Hunter genuinely appreciates all the love and support his fans gave him, and now perhaps he was up there in heaven with his mother dancing again. He concluded by thanking everyone for all the love and everything else.

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