Rachael Ray’s Husband: Everything To Know About Their 18 Year Marriage

TV personality Rachael Ray first gained notoriety for her quick meal cooking segments on “Today” before debuting her own self-titled daytime chat program in 2006. According to reports, The Rachael Ray Show will end its 17-season run in 2023. John Cusimano, her husband of 18 years, has appeared frequently on his wife’s program since its inception.

Who Is Rachel Ray?

John, a lawyer who works for Rachael, was born on August 19, 1967, in New York City. John would later pursue a legal education. In a 2020 joint interview with his wife for The Rachael Ray Show website, John stated, “I used to work in New York City as an entertainment lawyer, mainly in film.

“Rachael Ray is the only customer I currently have after meeting this person. I therefore constantly focus on our businesses. Rachael continued, “Marrying an entertainment lawyer was the smartest thing I’ve ever done; it saved me a fortune.”

John Dabbles In Performing As Well

John gets to play pretend in movies and TV programs when he’s not practicing law or writing music. According to his IMDB, his most well-known works include Samurai X (1996), World War Mud (1982), and the TV series Crashing (2017). Fans are aware that he also frequently appears on his wife’s cooking program. On Hollywood productions, John also works behind the scenes. Among the films he produced was Rurouni Kenshin.

In Italy, Both Got Wedded

When they said “I do,” the adorable pair expanded their love to other countries. In 2005, John and Rachael exchanged vows in Sarteano, Italy, their favorite hamlet. Rachael stated to People in 2020, “Sarteano is charming, romantic, and beautiful. Since we like to visit there each year, I purchased some land, and we are now building a house so we can have our friends remain with us in Italy.

Rachael Ray
Source: BBC News

In the same castle where they said their vows, they even honored their tenth wedding anniversary. Rachael told People at the time that there ‘wasn’t a dry eye in the house” among the 100 or so relatives and friends that they had invited.

Why John And Rachael Chose Not To Have Children?

Rachael and John made the decision not to have children. She confessed to People in 2007 that she worked “too much” to be a good parent. “I just feel like I wouldn’t be able to juggle everything I’m doing if I actually took the time to give birth to a child right now.”

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